There is pandemonium at Egbeda, Alimosho area of Lagos State.

A confrontation between some touts, also known as Agberos and commercial motorcycle operators, aka Okada in Egbeda market has turned bloody leaving at least one-person dead and several injured.

Eye witness told Bounce News correspondent at Egbeda, Tony Smart that a fight broke out when the Okada rider accidentally hit an Agbero.

The agbero was said to have slapped the Okada man.

The Okada man was said to have returned the favour by slapping back.

This angered all the Agberos in the area who started molesting every Okada man they saw around.

In a reprisal, all the Okada riders within the area quickly mobilized against the Agberos and a full-blown fight broke out.

Armed with stones and other dangerous weapons, it was free for all and everyone scampered to safety.

The only dead victim of the fracas was said to have received a fatal blow to his head when a stone was thrown.

Unconfirmed number of people sustained several degrees of injuries.

Commercial activities have been grounded in the troubled spot as police have ordered all tricycle riders, also known as Keke Marwa, Okadas and commercial buses operating within the area, to vacate for their own safety.

Residents told Bounce News that they expect a reprisal attack as soon as police leave the area.

In the meantime, the dead and the injured have been taken to an undisclosed hospital while normalcy is gradually being restored.