The Vice President of the Students union, Jacob Tosin, popularly known as Emerald, and the Director of Socials, Adedayo Afolabi, popularly known as Lamba, were suspended indefinitely.

The suspension was confirmed by the Vice Chancellor of the university, Yemi Ogunbodede.

“We have procedures of doing things,we have followed the procedure and we have arrived at a decision,the news is true don’t doubt it,” the professor said.

The fight was connected to the N3.8 million Students’ Union backlog of funds released by the university management on August 31.

The students council had resolved to embark on some projects with the funds which include; refurbishment of union library, construction of SUB (student union building) relaxation centre, and construction of a staircase around Alumni-Archi axis.

Emerald had expressed displeasure over the decision. 

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