The banks opened normally for work with no knowledge of what the day had in store for them.

One minute of madness from a policeman allegedly ended commercial activities at Sterling and Diamond bank branches with staff scampering for safety.

The policeman attached to one of the banks allegedly demanded 1,000 Naira from tanker drivers whose trucks were parked in front of the bank's premises.

The alleged sum is said to be the unofficial fee truck driver pays to police for 'maintaining' traffic along that road.

It was gathered that the trailer drivers had refused to cooperate with the policeman insisting that he comes back later for his fees.

An eyewitness said that the mobile police officer was not ready to take no for an answer.

While tempers were rising, the argument became heated and violent. The armed police officer reportedly brought out his rifle and shot at one of the drivers.

The policeman was said to have run into the premises to escape being mobbed by the crowd.

Angered by the killing and the bank’s refusal to hand over the policeman to them, the driver’s colleagues moved to set the bank ablaze, destroying property and other valuables worth millions of naira.

The two affected banks have been cordoned off while two drivers have been reportedly arrested by the police.

Order is gradually returning to the area. Neither the banks nor the police are yet to make official statements on the incident.