The dread gang of murderers and thieves appear to have bitten more than they can chew.

They were not spared to have a day in court or face prosecution. The public illegally took the law into their hands and organised 'jungle justice'.

One suspected member of the dread gang Badoo that have been terrorising parts of Ikorodu area in Lagos state has been burnt to death by some members of the public.

Suspected member of Badoo gang burnt to death by L

Luck ran out on the suspected Badoo-ist while he tried to flee the scene of a robbery attempt in the company of another member of the group.

They both raided Igboluwo estate in a Sports Utility Vehicle hoping to have business as usual but they were opposed by their victims who appeared to have been better organized this time.

An eyewitness told Bounce News that one of the suspects who is fair skinned managed to escape when they were forced to abandon the vehicle and attempt fleeing on foot.

The other was captured beating severely then set ablaze with tyre and petrol.

On Thursday state authorities met with operatives of the OPC in an attempt to end the reign of the group.