Aqaba Retreat has ended.

President Muhammadu Buhari has returned from Jordan where he attended a two-day summit on counter-terrorism.

The President's aircraft arrived at the Abuja Airport in the afternoon on Monday.

He was received by some governors and ministers at the international wing of the airport. 

A spokesman for the President, Mr Fefmi Adesina, shared some images of the President on his arrival in Abuja. 

In Jordan, President Buhari held talks with other Heads of State who had gathered to review counter-terrorism strategies and fashion out ways that the fight could be upped to bring an end to terrorism and violent extremism. 

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He had told Heads of State at the Aqaba Retreat that regional cooperation was now needed more than ever to combat the world-wide threat of violent extremism.

Buhari returns from Jordan

Speaking at a bilateral meeting with King Abdullah II of Jordan, President Buhari stressed that inter-regional cooperation and information sharing were the only ways the evil of terrorism could be curtailed.

Jordan had some months ago given Nigeria some armoured vehicles to help in the counter-terrorism operations in the nation's northeast.

Nigeria has in the past 8 years battled to contain activities of Boko Haram terrorists that are pushing for an Islamic State and an end to Western education in the region.

Having been decimated by the military in heightened counter-terrorism operations that started last two years, the group has resorted to attacking soft targets and President Buhari believes all their attacks will end soon with the establishment of an Intelligence Fusion centre in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State.

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