An investigation showed that he simulated YouTube videos and went on a shooting spree in his school where he killed his best friend who tried to stop him in the process. 

Hell was let loose when he was found with a rifle and a hand gun shooting down the corridor where he killed his best friend, Sam Strahan who tried to stop him from the luciferous act. 

Students were found hiding under desks as classes were placed under a lockdown before a member of staff heroically stopped him from wreaking further havoc.

Another sophomore and classmate, Michael Harper, 15 said Caleb had brought notes at the beginning of the year saying he would do ‘something stupid’ and might get killed or jailed afterwards.  

He was said to be a nice boy who wasn’t bullied and is a huge fan of popular t.v show, “Breaking Bad”. He has been reportedly apprehended and taken to a Juvenile detention facility.

Investigations also showed the boy to have posted videos of himself shooting a toy gun and adding sound effects and graphics to make it appear real.

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