Just at the close of business on Thursday, four people fell victim of an armed robbery operation in Offa, a town in Kwara state.

The victims were believed to be the new generation bank’s security personnel, staff and customers.

According to report obtained by Bounce News, the robbers numbering over eight, came in unannounced and forced the security door open with bullets and dynamite as the operation went unhindered.

Huge sum of money was carted away, while some vehicles were burnt and others stolen before the heavily armed men escaped through Igosun route in the area.

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One oladayo63 was full of joy as he narrated on Nairaland how his relatives escaped.

“NLanders, help me thank God ooooo

“My siblings just came back home. They were on their way back to church and caught in the cross fire, close to Zenith bank.

“According to them, no military force confronted the robbers throughout the operation. They used dynamites and crazy guns.

“They saw four people killed. And they would have been killed because after they finished the operation few of them opinned that they should release gun fire on them (my siblings and those close to them), but a man who seemed to be the boss told them they have little time left and had no option than to exit immediately.

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