Two persons have been killed in an auto crash at Egbeda-Ipaja Road in Lagos State. 

The accident, which occurred on Wednesday, involved a truck, a saloon car and a tricycle.

Several other persons where injured.

The car, a Toyota Camry, was hit from behind by the truck and 2 passengers at the back seat were killed while others were injured.

Eyewitnesses told Bounce News' correspondent at the scene that the truck lost control on top speed, hitting the Keke and climbing the saloon car.

The driver of the Camry was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

accident at egbeda

After the incident, the truck driver absconded to avoid being lynched.

Few minutes after the accident, officials of the Nigeria Police Force arrived the scene to access the situation.


Movement of vehicles along Jubey Water Bus Stop, along Egbeda-Ipaja road, has been hampered by the accident that left passengers in the Keke with bruises.

The truck had brushed it from the side shattering its glasses.

keke hit by truck in egbeda

Aggrieved residents are asking the government to ban trucks from plying the road in the day, hinging their request on occurrence of similar accident in that last two weeks.

Few days ago, a van rammed into a saloon car and a Keke injuring several people.

An accident also occurred around the area few weeks ago.

Police accessing accident scene at Egbeda