Christmas is fast approaching and we’re all super excited because it's that time of the year when everyone gets a couple of days off work to relax and hang out with family and friends.

It is also a time for giving and receiving gifts, visiting loved ones and simply doing relaxing stuff.

Christmas is a great time to treat your girl to some great gifts

Christmas time is also a season that can make or break a relationship. If you’re stuck on giving your girl the same type of gift each year, please try something different this year. Make an effort to win your babe’s heart all over again with a thoughtful gift.

Whether you’re in a new relationship or have been dating your girl for a while now, here are 3 romantic things you can do for this Christmas to earn the Boyfriend of The Year title.

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1. Spa treatment: After a year of working hard and meeting targets, nothing can be as sweet as a relaxing spa treatment. Instead of sending her off on her own to a fancy spa, you could book an appointment for both of you so it becomes a kind of date. Trust us, Nigerian ladies like spas as much as they like shopping so this one is a win. And you yourself would get to enjoy a massage and some skin treatment you wouldn’t normally get on regular day. 

2. Vacation: If you can’t afford a trip to Paris or the Caribbean for a romantic vacation with your girl, you can still have a similar experience in Nigeria. A trip to Obudu Cattle Ranch in Calabar offers you an exciting time in the picturesque town that draws tourists from around the world. If your pocket still can’t handle an out-of-town vacation, you could have a staycation in any of the lovely resorts in Lagos, such as the Whispering Palms Resort in Badagry.

3. Memorable gifts: One of the most common gifts Nigerians like to give out at Christmas is wrapped hampers containing edibles. Although this is really sweet and nice but after the recipient eats everything in the hamper, that’s that. How about gifting your babe something she’ll truly cherish and remember you by each time she uses it? A jewelry set or handbag or even shoes will always be a back-to-back hit with her any time of the year.