Hope is fading for the family of a 3-year-old girl who was abducted from her house three weeks ago.

Bounce News had exclusively reported the case of the missing girl on September 18.

Aisha Muyideen was reported missing on Wednesday, September 13 after she had gone to buy snacks at a kiosk close to her residence in the Ojokoro LCDA area of Lagos.

Who on earth sends a baby to buy her own snacks?

Since her disappearance from her residence at No 8 Kehinde Obafemi Ajayi, Meiran, her parents have been left with hundreds of questions but no answers.

Although, the police have arrested some people in connection with the case, there is still no sign of the missing toddler. 

Police investigations have produced several leads at least, but none leads to Aisha.

Her mother, Islamiyat Muyideen told Bounce News on Tuesday that she’s not confident the disappearance will end positively, stating “she’s not going to be found alive. It’s been too long.”

Her mixed feelings she says are borne from long hours, days and nights of waiting for her baby to return.

Her fresh hope follows Monday’s parade by the police of the two prime suspects in the abduction of the toddler.

Tunde Ajibolorunsoro, aka Professor, was said to have confessed to the police that he sold Aisha to his neighbour, Tajudeen Makanjuola, aka Oluwo for N60,000. Both men are herbalists in the area.

But in a twist of event on Monday, the two denied kidnapping the girl.

Professor said he was tortured by operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) to the extent that he didn’t know when he confessed that he stole the child and sold her to Oluwo.

Oluwo, 65, who said he had no hand in the disappearance of the girl, stated that he was arrested after professor “was forced to confess.”

He said, “This man (professor) had said he was tortured to confess and that was why he mentioned me. If I know anything about this matter, I should die mysteriously. I am an herbalist in Meiran. I only know Professor as a neighbour.”

“I'm hoping that something comes up with this new development ,” Muyideen told Bounce News.

She admitted that while she and her husband have two other children, there is still an open wound in her heart.

“It is very depressing at times. I still remember the night of September 13. We don't know who could take her or who would want to harm her,” Muyideen said while trying to maintain a strong composure.

“At the end of every day, when night comes and I lay down my head and I know that all my children aren't at home, the feeling of knowing she's out there comes and I say when, when, when. When will we find her, when will she come home?”

The mother further explained that she keeps memories of her missing child alive through pictures and the physical appearance of her other children.

She added that she was not only grieving for her missing daughter, but also scared about strange people coming to threaten her and her husband over their missing daughther.

Bounce News gathered that one of suspects in the case has continued to threaten the family of the abducted girl.

Toyin alias Iyalaje, who was released after spending about two weeks in police detention was said to have physically approached Aisha’s parents and threatened to deal with them.

Aside Iyalalje, other strange people were said to have called Islamiyat and her husband, Yekini to stop dragging the names of some known important people including the Oba of Meiran in the case.

Iyalaje’s action was said to have infuriated youths in the area, who threatened to burn down her house located on Oremerin Street.

The timely intervention of elders in the area saved the situation from degenerating into further crisis.

Iyalalje has been arrested again by the police.

Following the threat, Aisha’s parents were said to have left the area pending when the police would complete their investigation.