Last week, MI Abaga attempted to shake things up in Nigeria's hip hop scene by sounding a warning to rappers in the country.

In a song titled 'You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Life', he accused Nigerian rappers of under performing, adding that they are being 'killed' by South African rappers.

In a follow-up response, N6 has come out with a new track 'Fix Up Your Life (M.I’s reply)' asking MI to be humble.

Bounce News highlights points made by N6 in the hard-hitting track.

1. First off, though one may be tempted to draw the battle line between both rappers, N6 remarked that he was just doing the song to promote the hip-hop culture where battles between rappers are considered to be healthy.

He also shared the track on Sound cloud writing:

"No beef intended. Just a friendly Joust. #ForTheCulture”

2. Then he dives right in and in the line 'How did you let go of Pryse her flow was the ill-est that shorty was nice', N6 wonders how one who prides himself in identifying good rappers could have dropped Chocolate City's brightest female rapper, Pryse. 

3. He then points out that MI has never held sold out concerts, yet he is talking of retiring.

4. N6 then brings up MI's comparison of Nigerian rappers to South Africans, pointing out that indigenous rappers are killing the game.

"SA rappers speak Zulu, and them Yoruba rappers are killing it, the Igbo side got, Phyno, Illbliss, Zoro them niggas are reaping it. Nateo C won't do nothing like this/ Mode 9 won't do nothing like this/ Killz won't do nothing like this/You put the game on its knees and kicked it in the penis" he raps.

 5. N6 then dares MI Abaga to call names and beef Olamide or Reminisce.

"I dare you  to beef with Olamide/Or say one thing about reminisce/Those niggas look mean and hungry/You need to do something about your tummy"

6. He also accuses MI Abaga of being lazy and holding back another rapper, Loose Kaynon.

"U go around with Loose Kaynon all day/ A n**a  u will never let blow/U need to stop sipping on that Martell/And get your ass back in the studio. If u point for fingers at niggas four fingers will point back at you, I am going to tell you to fix up to"

7. He also mentions the whole Nas suing saga, saying MI should be sued too.

"Rick ross claims young grenzel you claim young denzel too/ if u are going to sue Nas then Rick Ross should sue you too"

8. The punchline that would have hit MI Abaga below the belt is when N6 gives the only reason MI Abaga blew, and it has nothing to do with his rapping skills.

"You only blew up because Sinzu moved back to Houston/Nigga u should learn to be humble no matter the size of your house/ I still love you like a brother just next time watch your  mouth"

Do you think N6 hit the nail on the head?