Simi obviously ‘loves’ love, and spills it all out in her self-titled album, 'Simisola'.

It never started out like that though - the songbird first tested the waters with a 10-track gospel album produced by Samklef titled 'Ogaju', before switching to a more secular sound in 2012 with an EP titled ‘Restless’.

Now the petite damsel with a tiny, silky soothing voice seems to have reached a new musical bus stop with ‘Simisola’.

Her unmistakable voice stuck in the hearts of Nigerians after she dropped ‘Jamb Question’ and in this new album she sticks with the formula of using popular Nigerian lingo, harmonies and funny anecdotes.

'Simisola' tracklist

The album, like an unexpected slap to the face, was a bit of a surprise for fans but it did not reduce the anticipation and excitement.

Before its final arrival, Simi released the album's first official single with an accompanying video titled ‘Joromi’.

The melodious song shares its name with the popular hit track from the late 60’s made popular by Sir Victor Uwaifo, and is one of the songs on a roll call of 12 tracks with the usual bonus of previous hits - 'Love Don’t Care', 'Tiff' and 'Jamb Question'.

The 53-minute album is a musical journey through mostly familiar love-related experiences and Simi’s musical influences, which include R&B, Highlife, Juju and Afrobeat with a sprinkling of Dancehall and Techno.

Simi stays within the realm of love for most parts of the album, and touches almost everything in its spectrum - moving from uncompromising love ('Original Baby'), to remorseful love ('Take Me Back', a duet with Adekunle Gold) to tired love ('Angelina'), needy love ('Complete Me') and stolen love ('One Kain').

The production of the album is done right, from the first track to the end.

Oscar Heman-Ackah takes the credit for ‘cooking’ 12 songs and making sure that her songs are not only energized by the real-life love scenarios she paints with her lyrics, but also that the accompanying rhythm goes down well in the heart and soul of listeners.

'Simisola' starts off with soulful piano play combined with soulful singing reminding listeners to be ‘our brother’s keeper’ and show selfless love.

She quickly switches to the delightful 'Joromi', followed immediately by a remake of an Ebenezer Obey classic titled ‘Aimako’.

In 'Original baby', Simi seeks acceptance from her partner, an appreciation of both her strengths and flaws. “Wherever you go be yourself….. You can never be somebody else…..Whatever you do you better be true”, she sings in the chorus.

‘In Gone For Good’, Simi wants her former lover to stay ‘Gone for Good’ because he brings back memories that are best just left in the past. The acoustic assistance offered on this song also strums the heartstrings of the listener who has been in comparable situation.

‘In Take Me Back’ we see the only feature of the album - with Simi’s rumored boyfriend, Adekunle Gold.

Simi and Adekunle Gold

One wonders if Simi and Adekunle Gold had a lover’s quarrel and Simi is asking him to take her back.

It is noteworthy that Adekunle Gold’s debut album; like Simi’s has 15 songs. It is also self- titled and features only Simi. The album was also mixed and mastered by Simi - need we say more?

Simi writes all the songs on her album and puts her heart out there in the process, showing both a form of weakness and courage at the same time.

Her new album is a vocal range of thoughtful tunes and lyrics which Simi turns to building blocks for her storytelling that climax in an unforgettable album  - almost flawless (nothing is perfect in life).

Her album gets 4 out 5 from us.