In this era of jollof rice music, where a good beat and catchy phrases wins the day, Olamide is like a Warri boy, him no dey kari last!

He zooms in on the city he loves, draws his energy and inspiration from, then enjoys himself within the ambiance of Ibile.

‘Lagos Na Wa’ tells a story for the rapper turned singer while showing the unlimited profit of hard work.

First of all he sings more than he raps on the album.

He partners with Young John, the very very wicked producer, who has created a new sound called Wobey.

The album opens with the daily hustle of Lagosians and their effort to be street wise in ‘Fenu Shey Street’.

He marches on in pursuit of critics and haters firing away with ‘Radio Lagos’ and  ‘Shine’.

olamide lagos nawa album

If you have heard ‘Love No Go Die’ or ‘Melo Melo’ then you know Olamide in his hardened streetness has a loving heart.

The romantic side of the YBNL boss surfaces in songs like ‘Yagaga’ and ‘The One’.

The story of Eko is incomplete without the Lagos party tunes. So, he kicks in with ‘Oro Pawpaw’.

This is closely followed by the Reminisce and Timaya blessed jam ‘Bend It Over’ where he also pays respect to a popular street sound and dance Konto.

Next up is the highly infectious ‘Wo’. The sound alone leaves you wondering where the idea must have come from.

He celebrates his community Bariga and sends out a clear message - there is greatness in every young man but hard work is needed to make your dreams a reality.

He continues showering the ‘wobe sound’ and the celebration by appreciating the beautiful women of Lagos on a track titled ‘Maje Dodo’ and ‘Fine-Fine Girls’ which features Tiwa Savage.

The album title track, ‘Lagos Nawa’, successfully marries Afrobeat and Hip-life; an adventure never tried out by anyone before him.

Olamide’s shows a mastery of Yoruba and a respectable interpretation of English phrases that take up an interesting chunk of the lyrics in “Saysaymarley” and “On a Must Buzz” featuring Phyno.

‘Wo spiritual’ takes off all the ‘gyrating’ garments on ‘Wo’ and leaves the words stack naked - listerners discretion is adviced on this track.

olamide wo

The album is nicely wrapped in piano+gong+synth and it serves a befitting slow winding end to the album.

It is official that Wobey sound is basically Olamide singing while blending in fuji and afropop with some Ibile rap in between.

The 17 tracked album is not Olamide’s most organized work, it was thrown together within two weeks from a long list of tracks he had laid over time by Young John.

The predominantly dance-themed party songs on the album that follow the more thematic songs like 'Radio Lagos', 'Shine' and 'Yagaga'  are blessed with Badoo's street credentials.

Olamide’s album proves that Hip-Hop may have been made the co-driver for now, as he features 2 other rappers who now sing as well.

Like it or not he has unleashed a more commercially viable sound.

We can only look forward to 2018 and see what Olamide does to challenge the norms and spice up creativity. Oya Wo!