Let us start from the end of the film.

When the credits begin to roll, there are four things that hit you about the movie ‘King Of Boys.’

One, anyone who lives by the gun, will definitely die by the gun. Two, there is truly no honor among thieves, three, no system in Nigeria really works, and four, to be a Nigerian gangster, you must know enough proverbs that will make the hair at the back of your rivals' neck stand at attention.

One more thing will probably happen as the credits roll - you'll possibly clap your hands and say to yourself, ''I could seat through a 2 hour 45-minute Nollywood film and not get bored? Wow!''

'King Of Boys' is one of the best films to have hit the cinemas in 2018, and coming from the director of one of the highest grossing movies in Nollywood - 'The Wedding Party', nothing less than the best was expected.

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Indeed, Kemi Adetiba did not disappoint fans with her sophomore movie on both the writer and director’s chair.

In 'King of Boys', Adetiba takes viewers on an adventure of how Alhaja Eniola Salami played by Sola Sobowale goes from her parents' one-room apartment to a brothel and eventually graduates to becoming an influential power broker and underworld boss (read ‘king of boys’) in the city of Lagos.

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The questions the movie tries to answer are - will she survive losing everything when Makaniki (Reminisce) who desperately wants the throne and Aare Akinwade (Akin Lewis), a political godfather wants to render her powerless come calling?

Most Nigerians will identify with the movie as it shows the harsh realities of Nigerian politics, the corrupt judicial system, Godfatherism, money laundering and whistle blowing.

Rappers, Reminisce and Ill Bliss get a commendation for their debut on a movie set as they propel the movie with their great acting.

Reminisce could easily get a best-supporting actor for his role as Makanaki because each time he had a verbal face-off with Eniola (Sobowale), it was pure cinematic magic.

On the whole, the movie was not lacking in punchy lines and the audience was fully engaged with the lines that moved in sync with the action on the screen.

Worthy of note is also how the movie was infused with indigenous Nigerian languages which is not something we see enough of in major Nigerian box office hits.

The special effects, cinematography, sound and the pacing of the almost 3-hour movie are also nothing short of spectacular as Adetiba effortlessly takes the audience back and forth in time without leaving any slips.

Unlike many Nollywood movies, the suspense is real because you never know what will happen next.

There are however a few moments that fall slightly short such as a rescue scene involving Sola Sobowale and Paul Sambo. The plot also seems to slightly unravel after the second hour of the movie, but that can happen in a 3 hour-long film, and Adetiba is quick to steer the audience right back on course.

The best thing about ‘King of Boys’ is undoubtedly its plot and pacing. It's not just a gangster flick filled with violence and senseless show of ego. Every death, every argument, every conversation and throwback is a build up to an explosive end that stirs even the harshest critic.

Bounce News gives 'King Of Boys' 4 (Very Good).




4-Very Good


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