If you realise that your friend who also triples as your knight in shining amour, adviser and avenger was actually a ghost; what would you do?

Banana Island Ghost; like the name depicts, is a film about a ghost who has 3 days to find a soulmate before he goes to heaven.

The ghost, whose real name and character name happen to be Patrick, wants only the best - he wants a fine, sexy mama who has lots of cash and resides in Lagos' billionaire’s paradise - Banana Island.

So God (Bimbo Manuel) gives him 3 days of grace, and seemingly grants him his request of his preferred female, but Ijeoma (Chioma "Chigul" Omeruah) is far from what he imagined he would have.

banana island ghost

As a ghost, Patrick can still use his physical senses but can only be seen by his soulmate - Ijeoma, leading the pair on a roller-coaster adventure.

BB Sasore, who wrote the script, says he was advised by Kene Mkparu, the owner of Film House cinemas to write the kind of comedy that Nigerians would love.

So, Banana Island Ghost follows the same plot of combining overkill comedy, action and drama with some sprinkling of romance.

The movie also has elements of the cult Hollywood film, ‘Ghost’ and meets the overzealous comedy of ‘A Trip To Jamaica’.

But overall, some of the jokes really add no value to the story line. People say Nigerians like to laugh but not at any or every thing.

The first-time lead actors Chigul and Patrick Diabuah deliver their lines brilliantly and seem to have some connection as the film progresses.

But the truth is, no one can get used to having a ghost around them within a few hours. The speed with which Ijeoma adjusts to the ghost is not practical.

banana island ghost

The larger than life character of the Police DPO played by Saidi Balogun and his bumbling Sergeant played by Akah Nnani is another unrealistic part of the film.

Yes they created some humour, and it was clear Sasore was towing the line of satire with their characters, but the scenes were outrageous at best and down right annoying at the worst.

On the flip side, if God came into the world as an older human form, it would be Bimbo Manuel, who translated his character with a ‘god-like’ air, backed by the right kind of special effects.

The movie's cinematography is excellent, as the pictures were clear and crisp. Also, each time Bimbo Manuel came on the screen, there was a soft and dreamy effect that matched the celestial presence.

The other cast members interpret their roles within the scope of a script that lacked depth and leaves audiences with several unanswered questions.

Also, the product placement in the film was quite shoddily done, as products advertised in the film are not only noticeable; they practically slap you in the face. GBOA!!!

For instance, the scene with Dorcas Shola Fapson sipping a soft drink and the part where Ali Nuhu drinks tea are telltale signs of how the sponsors want to maximise their investment.

banana island ghost

The music and sound effects are brilliant. They tell the story. For example, the scene where the ghost makes a car talk in a robotic voice, just to prove that Ijeoma is a ‘big girl’ who plays with big toys is a winner.

Eldee’s hit single ‘Big Boy’ is also used to amplify the events happening on screen.

'Banana Island'  is somewhat predictable in many aspects, but still springs up a few surprises that are backed with well choreographed action scenes, that are funny and heartfelt both for the ghost and his soul mate.

The movie opens in cinemas on August 4, 2017. Go watch and have fun!