The reason why that guy you call your boyfriend isn’t trying to get rid of you is that he knows you can never be more than what you are – a side chick.

You are not capable of making him fall in love with you and that means the position of his girlfriend is totally unthreatened.

So, why would he be under pressure to stop going with the flow when you still offer some sex, however bad you are in bed.

These six points will be killing the game for guys who cheat on their women with you because really, they could make you start asking them questions.

I am sorry guys but hey...what would Jesus do?

  1. You don’t offer more than sex and side talk

Even the dumbest guys say they want an intelligent woman but the thing is that they probably can’t identify one.

However, there is something great about a lady being able to offer more than sex and a pretty face. You don’t need to be a genius but do you add value to his life?

What do you bring to the table? Wise counsel? Prayer? Money management skills?

If he only calls you when he is horny or when it’s time to turn up...babe don’t hope, just enjoy the poking while it lasts.

  1. You are aware of the other lady

Chances are that he makes you feel you are the main woman while the other lady is just a virus in his hard drive.

The story can even be that it’s his family making her feel comfortable around him.

It is worse when she is an ex that keeps coming means she has something he can’t let go of. Do you have same? Don’t bet on it.

When you are comfortable with the existence of the other woman in his life, why should he be bothered about making a major decision?

Seeing the other woman crying or nagging him even amuses you but guess what, he feels more needed by that woman...especially if she offers more than sex.

  1. You are materialistic

This could be a compensation for you as you cannot be losing on both sides. Cheating men most times spend a lot on side chicks.

But you see, many times your materialism is the first signal he needs to know you cannot be upgraded to what we call wife material.

So, the extra spending on you helps him to satisfy his conscience that you are both in it with mutual benefits and really, aren’t you?

It is not new seeing men travel the world and patronizing the most expensive boutiques, night clubs and restaurants with their girlfriends.

Don’t get it twisted though, no matter how fabulously rich he is, that lady that tells him to cut his spending will win the crown.

  1. You have nothing in common

This is not necessarily your fault. It’s not about how smart you are. It’s not always about your exposure. It could be fate.

He loves football and you cannot even understand why sometimes footballers use their hands to throw the ball.

Ok, maybe that’s dumb but well, some men are conversationists. They want a woman with whom they can discuss topics they are passionate about.

They want to connect, they want chemistry. Are you relevant to his passion? Tech, music, science, sports, movies, his agriculture business, politics...etc.

Even if you knew nothing about his interest, men like to feel they are teaching you something new.

Meanwhile, don’t bother faking it, he will know. We always do.

  1. You are the free spender

This is an offshoot of (1). It’s quite tricky and not sacrosanct. Some good men see the value added while some never will.

You want to offer more than sex and beauty. So, you give him money since you can afford to help pay some bills.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I know you aren’t trying to buy his love but then if all you do is spend on him, you run the risk of making his focus be on that.

Look at it this way, some men are greedy while some have no integrity. Such men are capable of crimes like fraud and stealing.

So, if you become the source of easy money for such a man, then he can as well keep you as just another maga.

Be sure who you’re dealing with before you start flashing cash but if you are indeed trying to win the man with lavish spending...I think sport betting will give you better returns.

  1. You act like a side chick

A side chick is a sidekick and you don’t act like you deserve more.

You retire to being Spotty while any other woman can be his SuperTed.

You are not sure of yourself, you don’t think you’re good enough, it’s obvious you’re scared of losing him. He already feels like he is doing you a favour.

When last did you embrace an opportunity to shine and make him drool over you? Isn’t there something you’re good at? What happened to your cake making, interior decoration or singing skills?

When last did you wow him with your confidence in a such a way that his friends wished you were theirs?

Babe, no man wants to keep a woman that no other man wants!