It has been dubbed the ultimate battle by Anambra people with several permutations as to what will likely happen to the power brokers.

No matter how important it is to you, this race to Anambra government house has been too serious. Let's loosen up a bit.

Why not? Only one state is voting anyway. The rest of us will probably be lazying on our couch, switching across channels on November 18 while we keep a quarter of an eye on Anambra.

So, for the neutrals to enjoy this, we had to look for the interesting part of the whole narrative.

We took a peek into the private lives of the major candidates to identify the beautiful women that make them smile...or otherwise.

First, we found the wife of PDP’s Oseloka Obaze who is a medical doctor, Ofunne Omo Obaze. She is a US-trained Emergency Medicine consultant with over 25 years of practice.

And then Mrs Chidinma Chidoka, wife of the UPP candidate, Osita Chidoka. She is a lawyer and CEO of Life Images Nigeria.

Next to her is Mrs May Yul Edochie who is the wife of the DPC candidate.

Unlike her husband who is an actor, she is not into showbiz and is known to prefer the quiet lifestyle. She’s a computer engineer and also a business woman.

And finally, the current first lady, Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano.

She is a management professional who has worked in many reputable institutions and corporate organisations, including the NNPC.

For some strange reasons, no one seems to know anything about the wife of APC candidate, Mr Tony Nwoye.

In case you have not thought of it, one of these women will be the First Lady of Anambra state for the next four years.

So, we asked our dearest Bounce people a simple question on Facebook, if it was down to their wives, which of the candidates would you vote for?

Of course, it was a tough decision, and not even the power of incumbency could help Madam Obiano

Nurudeen Olawale Oladipo said: “I'd better not be allowed to vote because I have three candidates here already...they look too "motherly" to ignore. I'm sorry, but that's me.”

But for the few who managed to “vote”, the youngest of the potential first ladies, May Yul Edochie got the most nods.

If only this Facebook opinions mean anything to INEC, Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, would be the next governor of Anambra state.


#AnambraDecides 2017: Meet The Candidates - Yul Edochie