This beautiful automobile has just been recovered from armed robbers. It used to be another colour with a different number plate in the hands of its owner.

How it turned black overnight gives us cause to worry.

There are loopholes in the process of registering vehicles in Nigeria and for citizens, perhaps it is time to make the government initiate reforms in that area.

In an economy where people can no longer buy imported used cars, let alone brand-new cars, the common thing is what is called Naija used.

However, this loophole puts many innocent people at risk of buying stolen cars while it simultaneously empowers armed robbers to easily execute the business of selling stolen vehicles.

Armed robbers attacked the home of Okediran Oluseyi on September 5 in Lagos and went away with a Toyota Camry and other valuables.

Through the intervention of the Lagos state police command, the classy automobile was recovered in distant Onitsha in Anambra state along with some of the other items stolen from Oluseyi.

What amazed this man was arriving at the Police headquarters and being unable to identify the car that was said to have been recovered.

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It had been totally transformed and set to be sold to a new owner. They could have easily sold it as a freshly imported car.

“The number on it was FST 124 and they succeeded in changing the plate number and repainting the car,” he told Bounce News, still amazed at how easy it is in Nigeria to register a stolen vehicle.

He recalled that the robbers were not even bothered about the possibility of the car having a security device or tracker, an indication of how less important those features are to them.

“The government should try as much as possible to look into the activities of all these car dealers because they are the ones encouraging them in this act.

“Somebody must have given them an order of a Toyota brand. For them to have gone far to make a new registration number and repaint the car, their associates should also be arrested.

“There should be a monitoring system in the process of vehicle registration in this country. How can a car that has been registered be so easily re-registered by a government agency? It is crazy,” he said.