While signing the dotted lines in 2013, Yung6ix, whose real name is Onome Onokohwomo, had hopes for the future.

Yung6ix’s imprint- Kash Kamp, which he established with Percy and producer Otee Beatz, where about to make history for their label by signing a recording and management deal worth about $250,000 with Trick Billionaire Musiq to form KashKampTrick Billionaire Musiq (KKTBM).

Fast forward to four years later and the rapper has gone to start over again - just like that!

Sources close to KKTBM spoke to Bounce News to reveal a tale of dashed hope and a business gone sour.

"It was meant to be a collaboration initially between Kash Kamp and Trick Bilioniare Musiq, but it did not turn out that way as the investor registered the business in his name" one of the sources told Bounce News.

It became a case of 'He who pays the piper dictates the tune'- so the investor called the shots at KKTBM, but out of respect for Yung6ix's ability to scout for talent and manage the music end of business, yung6ix was still left in-charge of  KKTBM record label.

signing yung6ix

So why did  the 'king of the south' walk away from such a lucrative deal?

Another source close to the KKTBM said that after the investor tested the 'music industry waters' with Yung6ix, he decided to get a business manager to help with making critical decisions.

The idea was to allow the 28 year old rapper, focus on making music, and get someone else to worry about the day to day running of KKTBM.

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This 'inspired' Yung6ix to jump ship, even though his contract as a musician under the record label had not expired.

Our source points out  that one of the reasons why the passive investor might have pulled the plug on Yung6ix's  leadership, was because of something that happened in December 2016.


"In December last year, Yung6ix held a concert in Warri, called 'The Return of the Kings', the investor spent almost 17 million Naira for the event and got nothing to show for it.

"My guess is that he needed to get someone who would be able to better manage the finances" the source claimed.

Over the year's the musician's controversies have overtaken his craft and might have been distracting him from managing KKTBM.

Everyone remembers his online and offline 'beefs' with B-Red, Cynthia Morgan, Akpororo and P.R.E. (who he claimed threatened to kill him) more than his recent songs.

Who can also forget how he used social media to 'advertise'  his bill of 3.9 million Naira for drinks he bought at a night club, or how he 'graciously' gave  $10,00 to the man who supported him at the beginning of his career.

Yung6ix is starting again with popular music business manager, Godwin Tom, who managed Wizkid and Waje in the past.

Maybe this is what Yung6ix's career needs- A new manager and a change of scene, but KKTBM are still hopeful that their 'prodigal son' will come back home.