Ckay is a young man in the eye of the storm.

In the last few days, the Chocolate City producer/artiste has dominated social media conversation.

This is after he unceremoniously came up during a heated debate between music critic/Pulse Editor-in-Chief, Osagie Alonge, and Chocolate City President, MI during an episode of the latter's ''Loose Talk'' podcast.

Alonge, in expressing his current misgivings over the label's current place in the Nigerian music space had fired at MI "Who the f*ck" is Ckay?!", unwittingly bringing the young act to the centre stage.

Now Ckay has given an answer to the question; and it's that anyone who hasn't heard about him must be living under a rock.

"I felt very disrespected by what he said but moving forward I decided to move forward and be optimistic"  the 'Gaddemit' singer said.

"Whatever it was, by the grace of God, I used it to my advantage and for those few people who didn't know who I was; maybe they were sleeping on a rock, maybe they don't listen to radio or watch TV" he continued.

Ckay, who dropped a 6-track EP yesterday titled 'Who the f*ck is Ckay', however admitted that the situation presented a good opportunity for the label to drop the body of work, as there had been deliberations on when best to make this move before the podcast drama.

Watch this space for the full interview.

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