There are many musicians that fade away from the music after a few great hits.

First, they become a sensation, people fall all over themselves to listen to their music, and as one of Professor Peller’s magic tricks they disappear without a trace, and it is on to the next one.

Earlier this week, just two days after Picazo became an internet sensation, YBNL’s Olamide signed him to his record label, maybe because he was buoyed by how Picazo’s social media celebrity status.

Now that Picazo and his friend, Yomi Blaze have been signed by YBNL, and have even dropped a song alongside other 2018 signings of the record label-Lyta and Limerick for the song ‘Jazz, Guns and Roses’, the question is what happens after that?

Signing an artist goes beyond signing a contract or entering the microphone booth, it also goes beyond belonging to a record label like YBNL.

So, what would happen to Picazo now that he has decided to turn professional? What would be his fate?

It might be too early to speculate, but that might be the only way to save the 20-year-old rapper from being overwhelmed by the intricacies of the Nigerian music industry.

Would he end up like Lil Kesh, who became popular after signing with YBNL but has struggled for relevance after his contract ended?

Or could he do better than Chikun Ekun or Viktoh, who never really left their starting lines?

The questions raised should be worrisome for both Picazo and every young talent chasing down their dreams.

Music promoter and manager, Kaycee Oguejiofor is bothered that Picazo will soon be forgotten when his YBNL contract ends.

“Picazo would go the way of LilKesh, he would be a sensation for probably a year or two, then they would forget him." Kaycee told Bonce News.

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“These artistes can still make it, the problem is these guys will rush and sign an artist because he is talented, but having talent is different from being a recording artist, because the talent would need to develop into an artist, that is the problem with most  record labels, there is no artist development” he added.

Talent manager, Obinna Agwu believes the artiste might not really understand the implications of rushing into a contract.

“Just two days after he became an internet sensation, he signed the deal with YBNL. I wonder, did he have a manager? Did they not look through the contracts? What kind of deal did he give them? I am worried because it happened too sudden, and I am wondering what would happen down the line”  he told Bounce News.

Music promoter, Alex Ozone still feels its early days to conclude on what would happen to Picazo.

“I believe that with time we would be able to separate the wheat from the chaff because Picazzo is still a social media celebrity. He was not discovered based on the talent," he explained.

Obinna and Kaycee agree on one thing- that artiste development is essential for Picazo to stay relevant now that he has put his foot in fame’s door.

“I would be shocked if the record label releases a single for the boy before the end of the year because developing talent takes time,  he would need like a 5-year contract with one year dedicated to grooming him on building his brand” Kaycee advised.

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