It's that time of the year when parents are under tremendous pressure - back to school season.

There's school fees to pay, school bags to change, uniforms and countless other accessories. With all of these come a lot of financial commitment. So it's no wonder some fathers have begun to wonder if it's all really worth it.

30% of Nigerian men are allegedly fathering children that don't belong to them

This, according to DNA expert, Ayo Adeniyi, is one of the things that have given rise to an increase in the demand for paternity tests in Nigeria.

Watch: Why Nigerian Men Ask For DNA Test In September

''Every quarter when school fees are mentioned is when I get a lot of requests for DNA tests. September is probably the biggest month','' Adeniyi shared.

According to Adeniyi who was also a guest on Bounce News' relationship/sex show, 18th Avenue, many times the men just want to be sure of where they truly stand in the child's life.

But that's not the only reason men request for DNA tests. According to Adeniyi, sometimes tests are done in cases of divorce, relocation or on the insistence of the larger extended family.

Adeniyi's revelation seems to buttress recent conversations around paternity fraud following a viral photo that made the rounds on social media.

Paternity fraud is now on the rise

According to the photo which appeared to be a slide from a presentation, Nigeria allegedly has the 2nd highest rate of paternity fraud at 30%, trailing behind Jamaica which came tops with 34.6%.

So what does this really mean for Nigerian families? Why is this practice so prevalent and why is it coming to light now?

According to Anthony Oriloye who was also a guest on the show, the rise of mobile technology can also be blamed for the increasing level of deceit that now exists in relationships, with dating apps and social media channels at the disposal of all and sundry to do with as they please.

Whether this disturbing trend will continue to be on the rise, and the larger impact on society remains to be seen.