We just brought you the story of how the police in Lagos arrested 57 young men during an alleged gay initiation party.

We also told you about how the suspects told varying stories and why they should be considered innocent of the allegation.

Proving that these boys are indeed guilty is not what bothers the Lagos police boss, especially as evidence surrounding their arrests, their mannerisms and inconsistent tales leave much to be desired.

CP Imohimi Edgal is worried about the society and the children we are raising. He is wondering how parents will be able to guard the Nigerian values with several negative influences.

In a chat with Bounce News, the CP recalled how a similar arrest was made few months before this and was linked to certain organisations.

There have also been stories that some Nigerians were using this gay narrative to travel abroad by seeking asylum and he confirmed that he was also aware of this claim.

But how does he intend to curb the trend? He vowed that his command would not spare anyone who is hiding behind the running of an NGO to run gay clubs.

“Someone paid for the hotel, someone was responsible for funding that event and these are questions everyone should be asking, including the media and parents,” he said.

SHOCKING! 57 Youths Arrested During Gay Initiation Party

Speaking further about Monday’s parade of the suspected homosexuals, Mr Edgal called on parents to sit up as the days ahead are not looking good for parenting.

“There is something worrisome about this arrest; not just because its contravenes the law of the land but because we all have to begin to guard very jealously, the moral fabric of our society.

“Even though being homosexual is an offence, arranging elaborate initiation rights for young men to become homosexuals is to say the least, very worrisome.

“It is the duty of everybody, not only the police, to ensure that such anti-social behaviours and crimes are checked so that we can create communities that protect our children from such deviant behaviors that are against the law,” he said.

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