Corruption, many admit, has been the bane of numerous societies; including Nigeria.

It is disheartening when individuals overtime diverts funds and resources into their pocket to the detriment of the generality or original intent.

And while institutions like the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC are fashioned to stern the tide, it is seen that they often shoot themselves in the foot.

Their action and inactions cost the country recovering funds in the tune of billions, and more importantly those that are meant to be punished to serve as deterrent on to others ended up walking freely.

A Lagos-based lawyer cum social commentator Bar. Anthony Kojo-Onwaeze (KSM) in an exclusive chat with Bounce News reveals what the EFCC is chiefly doing wrong and costing it high profile cases.

He said: “Fight against corruption; most Nigerians limit it to fight against politicians but it goes beyond that."

For Barrister Kojo, it will be unfair not to admit that the EFCC is doing a lot of work as they have convictions of people less known to the public.Magu EFCC

He was however quick to note that when it comes to what the people what to hear, in terms of  the high-profile political cases, a lot still needs to be done.

He said: “The EFCC have lost most of their cases because they were not prepared, they pick up somebody and before they do proper investigation, it is already in the media; saying a lot of things.

“However, when they get to court, it is a different thing as you must prove your case with facts, evidence and documents.

“Even when you check, their witnesses are not properly groomed, for example you would have witness A come to say, I caught Alhaji A with 50 bags and then witness b comes and says, I was in that operation, I know there were bags but I didn’t see them.

“Both are already saying different things and of course when the court looks at the matter critically, they simply tell them sorry, you have not been able to prove your case properly and before you know it, the accused walks away just like that.

“That is when people will be saying things like the judiciary has been compromised or that the judge has been bribed.

“For me, the EFCC just must do more investigation before they launch into cases.”

Looking at developed countries like America, the Barrister noted that they do not put the cart before the horse as is often the case with the EFCC.

James Ibori

“For example in America, the FBI are always on the tail of their suspects for a very long time so that by the time they call you in and lay evidences before you, there is no going anyway.

“Look at the case of Ibori, the EFCC gave him a 174-count charge but the court in Nigeria discharged and acquitted him and he ran to London when they were chasing him and they picked him up and he pleaded guilty to all the charges.

“Was it not the same offences that he committed and the court in Nigeria could not nail him that he was still jailed for in London?

“That is a system that works, if you arrest Ibori in Nigeria today, the PDP boys say that they are victimizing him and the question I ask in this case is; is the accused culpable in what he is being accused of? In most cases it is YES” Barrister Kojo concluded.

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