It's almost impossible to attend a public school in Nigeria without staying longer than the stipulated number of years.

Poor infrastructure, lack of modern research facilities, teachers are being owed salaries and allowances for several months. 

These are just tips of the iceberg of challenges which students have to face from primary to secondary school.

Proffering solution to the lingering crisis in the education sector in Nigeria, former Vice Chancellor of Lagos State University, Professor Abisogun Olubode Leigh (OFR) told Bounce News a total overhaul can help proffer solution to the problems.

“We need to do a complete overhaul of the educational system. We have more population now of students to cater for.

“Two issues are important – the quality of education and the access to education. In a nation where 1.5 million candidates will sit for exam and you are only able to place 500,000 or 200,000, that is a waste.

He also called for reforms of subjects being taught in schools to reflect modern opportunities and improvement in socio-economics.

“Secondly, the quality of education must be revamped, starting from the curricular, it’s the same old thing that we are teaching – Business Admin, Banking and Finance, if you ask the lecturers they are probably just repeating the same set of notes, no research. We have the brains and people who want to do it but there is no encouragement.

“You can improve the quality of education by internship programme. The fundamental problem is that we have not been able to get it right on how to fund education. The UNESCO standard is that 26 percent of any annual budget should be allocated to education, I don’t think we are doing that.

“The teachers are not paid, no facility, no good libraries, no internet connectivity, yet the population keeps increasing annually," he told Bounce News.

“And there is too much rigidity in the categorization of different levels of education. In a normal setting, somebody can start with NCE and end up with a PHD, somebody can start with an OND either through part-time or regular and end up as a professor. Its only here in Nigeria that we have this very rigid boundaries and you cannot transfer. The student are confused, they think you can only start with BSC and Masters, it is not so.

“The government must sit up and provide sufficient funds to revive the educational system".