The name Solomon Oyeniyi might not ring a bell but when we hear K-Solo, our faces light up.

He is a Nigerian music producer, singer cum music entrepreneur, that has brought us great hits.

After over 12 years in the game, K-Solo continues to hold his own in an in industry that is now flooded with so many practitioners, including quacks getting away with mediocrity.

2017 has been a great year for him on the business side and he was happy to share this with Bounce News in an exclusive interview.

While many older generation artistes have incurred the wrath of the new school because of their sometimes, harsh criticism, K-Solo expresses his reservations in a different way.

Let’s start with the fun part of the conversation where he shared with us his 'Top 7 songs of 2017'.

None of the songs was produced by K-Solo. So, 'no bias' he says.


The music scene in 2017 brought many great sounds that it became hard for K-Solo to keep his list at 7.

He begged that these two must share the number seven spot. “Please let them share it 50-50” he pleaded.

“I’ve been a fan of 9ice for a very long time – the days of Gongo Aso, to Wedding Day, Photocopy and at a time he had a bad voice and that affected his fanbase.

“He took a long time off to try and fix his vocal chord and when he came back he was not perfectly healed but the love for his craft did not allow him rest.

“People didn’t like the voice and I also advised him to take a longer break but he kept on releasing singles and in spite of the coarse voice he was able to deliver on Living Things. That is talent!

ONGBA LARAMI: Oritsefemi

Oritsefemi is another wizard who cannot himself comprehend what comes out of him.

“When you give Oritsefemi a song and say come and do a verse on this, when he finishes his verse and steps out to return in 30 minutes, he will sing another different thing.

“Oritsefemi can do eight verses for one song, that is how lyrical he is. It just comes.

“I believe he is being underutilized. His team is doing a good job though, but if he had a better record company or A&R, they should be willing to employ more music persons who can drill him and bring out a better version of him.

“He is like Akon, you can’t hide their voice, very unique.

6. PENALTY: Small Doctor

Small Doctor deserves some respect. For those who do not consider him talented enough, you will see him differently after this analysis by K-Solo.

“Small Doctor is a local version of Wande Coal that you will give just a beat without a melody playing – no keyboard, no chord, nothing, and he will get a key for himself and sing on that full beat and guess what, he will never go flat.

“Please listen to the song Penalty, was there anything playing that you can remember? Every instrument was played with his mouth and he never went flat,” he said.

The producer, who is also a multi-instrumentalist acknowledged that it is easy for music followers not to see things that way, but he does.

That, to him, shows that there is a real talent inside the young man. He is capable of creating coordinated sound without accompaniment.

Asides the technicalities, that song rocked!

5. MAD OVER YOU – Runtown

K-Solo likens Mad Over You to Wo! because of the perfect marriage of the beat and the singing.

As far as he is concerned only that beat could have made the song sound that great and catchy.

“The melody that Mad Over You carries actually covers so many errors in Runtown’s voice – the off notes and others which we would observe”.

Kudos to the producer, Del B, as reports have that the song was cooked within a very short time.

4. WO! by Olamide

Can anyone’s list be complete without Wo? Well, not K-Solo’s. Ironically, he says he is not a fan of songs like this, but he just could not help acknowledging what a perfect match the song is with the beat.

“The reason I picked this is that I just like Wo. It’s a song that might not last beyond February 2018. It’s just a song you will listen to and say, ‘oh this song has come one time before’.

“Olamide did not do anything new on the song. It was more or less like his old stuff but as I like to say, what makes a perfect video is not just the song.

“When the song is like 50%, the video is like 30% and you the artiste – the character in the video has 20% of charisma, then you have 100% full package.

“So, sometimes you may have a 100% song with a whack video, it kills everything.”

He believes that on this song Olamide killed it.

3. PANA: Tekno

Did you know that Tekno trained under K-Solo? Well, now you know! “He’s been like a son to me. He lived in my house,” he said.

He joined K-Solo’s production house as a sound engineer and understands sound very well, plus he plays the piano with dexterity.

These are the qualities that endeared him to the boss himself. However, he made the Top 7 list totally with no sentiment, K-Solo says.

Only few people will disagree when we say Tekno was one of the brightest stars of 2017 and K-Solo is more fascinated by his ability to sing songs like Pana despite starting out as a hardcore R&B singer.

“He understands his craft very well and the truth is Pana is a fantastic song. Tekno is one of the smallest yet one of the biggest Nigerian artistes today,” he said, philosophically.

Is he trying to say Tekno is underrated?

2. ISKABA: Wande Coal

Wande Coal’s amazing voice, his technical dexterity and the quality production of the song makes it K-Solo’s second-best song for 2017.

"I love the beat. It has this very happy club beat and trust Wande, when he jumps on any beat, no matter the song, it’s always off the hook. You’re already enjoying the song before you know what he’s talking about.

"And as a music person, I like the mix and the output. The quality of the sound is so nice that when I have a big event and I need to do a soundcheck, I recommend that the sound engineers play Iskaba."

1. TELLI PERSON: Timaya Ft. Phyno & Olamide

K-Solo’s number one song for 2017 is the up-tempo club banger by his former artiste and friend, Timaya.

This song makes the list because of the artiste’s ability to make sense while having fun, a feat considered scarce these days in Nigerian music.

“I like when you’re dancing and you’re still passing a message and that Timaya song has a serious message.

“You’re already dancing and then you hear what he’s talking about. Dem no dey tell person; if you like, spend money anyhow you like and forget your tomorrow.

“So, basically, it’s a good song that also has a Yoruba and Ibo boy on it and it is my first pick for 2017,” K-Solo said. 

Wish I Had A Top 10

There are many other songs by different artistes that rocked 2017 for K-Solo but he had to keep it simple.

“I wish I had a top 10. I had to yank some people off. I yanked Niniola, Adekunle Gold, Simi and I feel bad about these people I yanked,” K-Solo concluded.

As for those wondering how Timaya made K-Solo’s list, he has this to say: “Funny enough, no week runs out without him speaking to me.

“But we are in a kind of industry where people live for the camera too much. I don’t live for the gram, and that’s why I can hardly find a recent picture of us in the studio.

“When creative people are working, there’s not time to share pictures.”