At the ongoing technology exhibition and conference going on at the Landmark Event Centre, several technology solutions are on exhibition.

Among the solutions are several mobile applications looking to the penetrate into Nigeria’s mobile first economy.

Below are the top 5 apps that made its debut at the tech event:

1. Ask An Expert: This does sound more like a response to a question rather than a name of name. well, this is because the app does just that – provide answers to questions through an expert.

Ask An Expert was launched at the Techplus event on July 6 2017 and according to the Project Director, Ask An Expert, Felix Rwang Dung, the platform provides opportunity for people looking to get expert answers to any question troubling their minds.

Through the platforms, you can interact with any expert of your choosing live.

Depending on the expert, you may get to pay a token per every 10 mins you interact with the expert. The first ten minutes are free however but you also can find other experts who may be willing to provide you the information you need free of charge.

So, are you still wondering what time of the day that human being grow? Pick up your mobile phone and Ask An Expert.

2. PINS: Its not clear what PINS is an acronym or not but basically PINS helps you to protect your phone from theft. With PINS installed on your smartphone, you can worry less about pickpockets.

Should any thief ‘corner’ your phone, the PINS app takes his picture as he fondles with it so that it can show you the picture of the thief and the exact location he may be with the phone.

PINS also helps you track your SIM card, backup your data on the cloud or wipe it clean if you are unable to track the thief down eventually.

3. REACH: Your take home pay is close to 200, 000 Naira a month. You know it should be enough. But before the month ends, your will be on red. You keep where the money goes.

If that is your story. Reach is here to the rescue.

Reach is a mobile solution launched by former Executive of electronic payment J.R Kanu at

It is called a Group Savings solution and it basically helps you to track your spending.

On board Reach, you don’t have to supply your bank account details, all you need supply are basic info such as your names, phone numbers and date of birth and you are good to go.

The app will track your spending day by day, week by week and month on month, so that you don’t keep wondering if anyone is stealing from you or doing you jazz.

Isn’t this awesome?

5. Maliyo Store: Maliyo has become synonymous with games; those localized themed games that get you hooked to your screen all day. But business of games apart, Maliyo has been unto something bigger. Wait for it guys, Maliyo has an app store. Maliyo has launched an app store for Nigerian app developers to get to the market.

So, if you are an app developer, you now have no excuse not to have your app in the market, Maliyo may be the next big thing to happen to Nigeria’s app economy.

5. Bounce News: So you have probably have been reading stories on Bounce without knowing it’s a news app. Well, Bounce News is a news app and is changing the way people get their news delivered to them.

The Bounce News app is a machine learning system that delivers to you only what you want to read.

Once you download the app, you choose your preferences based on interests and the app has the commitment to only deliver those to you.

Let’s say you only like to read stories about celebrities, music, movies and sports. The app will only deliver only stories related to these interests to you, instead of having everything thrown at you.

Isn’t that awesome?