John(Not real name) is superstitious and religious at the same time. He is what you call a 'coded' okada rider. 

He is worried that if anyone knows about his progress as a commercial motorcycle rider, his 'enemies' will come after him and spoil all the hard work he and his wife have put into raising their happy family.

"I will talk, I will tell you everything and show you everything, but you cannot take my picture or video, or show any of these things" he said with a stern face while pulling down on his now discoloured face cap.

"I need to protect myself" he added.

John leans on his parked Okada and begins to talk with an accent that gives away what part of Nigeria he is originally from.

"I am an okada man at Egbeda here, and this is how I make my daily income.

"My daily  income, I always use it wisely, to take care of my home. I have 2 kids, thank God, one is in university, now, Micheal Okpara University where he is reading mechanical engineering, He is in his 2nd year. My daughter is 15 years old and in secondary school"

He touches the motorcycle one last time then continues.

"I thank God that through this Okada, I can pay for the min-flat that we stay in and though this  bike, I also have a small car that I am managing. My wife is working, she is teaching in a school, we work together; we live happily, I would advise people not to have more than 2 or 3 children so that they can get maximum education." he said.

John shakes his head before he says the next thing, maybe wondering why, some people take for granted the importance of education and family planning.

"Even if you live in an estate and you don’t train your children, it is a sin to God. Some people have 7 or 8 children and they live in one room, because they are so many, they cannot feed them or train them, so the children end up doing Yahoo (internet fraud), Yahoo is not a permanent job, yahoo is a criminal act".

John goes on to share his philosophy in life before taking the Bounce News reporter to see his house and car.

 "In life you either go to school or learn a trade, so that in the future you can take care of your home. If u don’t learn work or go to school you will end up being a criminal or a prostitute".