The race for Nigeria’s 2019 general elections has already begun. While some are declaring support for their preferred candidates, others are strategising to claim or remain in office.

Some young Nigerians are tired of the country's decision to re-cycle its leadership since the return to democracy in 1999.

But there is someone whose name will not ring a bell if mentioned, at least for now.

A handful of people know him and his capability, but certainly not to be compared with Nigeria's big name politicians.

Fred Edoreh is a journalist, he serves as the chairman of the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN), Lagos State chapter. 

For Edoreh, he is embarking on a “movement to liberate the minds of Nigerians” and rising up to take responsibility for his country.

He is aware he doesn’t have the ‘godfather’, connection and even financial muscle to contest but he says he is determined to meet Nigerians one-on-one and sell his vision.

“People have completely given up on the government, people look for their own water, provide for their own education, take care of their health. People just don’t know what to do anymore

“And they have conceded that they cannot do anything to the politician because the rulers are all so powerful that you cannot challenge them.

“They have held the system hostage that people cannot find their way. They are helpless.

“The politicians will use these people as thugs to rig election, steal ballot boxes, and then it is these same people that come back to suffer it because as soon as they get their political offices, off they go, while people in their communities suffer.”

Edoreh laments the infrastructural decadence in the country, from economy to education, from agriculture to health.

“Over the years, the very fundamental things that need to be done to fix a working system, have been abandoned.  

“Nigerians are at the mercy of whoever exploits them. But this generation must change that and that is what this movement is all about.”

Fred is not a member of People’s Democratic Party (PDP), neither is he an All Progressives Congress supporter.

According to him, both parties have failed the country because it is a merry-go-round of the same set of people without any ideology.

His primary and immediate objective is to talk to the ordinary Nigerians and raise their consciousness on the need for self-liberation.

“This country has many men and women who have solutions to the problem of the country but have been shut out by this political class.”

At 52, Edoreh says he is not too young to run, and added that it is really not about age, but about impact.

He has been laughed at since he started the movement by declaring his intentions on social media.

Some say he is unserious, while others think he needs to see a doctor.

“The more they say those things, the more I realise our people have given up hope. They believe if you are not in a set of a political class or a dynasty, you cannot become a president or hold a top position."

Edoreh said the battle to set Nigerians free from their selfish leaders is more psychological than tribal.

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