The cost of receiving western education in Nigeria continues to rise side by side with the US Dollar against the Naira.

Public schools have become a shadow of themselves with tales of lost glory and aggrieved teachers.

Learning within the classroom these days is not enough. There is urgent need to allow these children apply their knowledge to solving real life problems.

They are NOT just children. They are young Nigerians that need to be prepared for the roller-coaster ride of living in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Lucia is 4 years old. She is part of a group of young children whose holiday is not characterised by compulsory summer lessons, but acquiring tangible skills.

Thanks to their parents that paid the 1,000 Naira it costs to acquire a skill.

It was an opportunity offered by some skilled persons and they just want to catch them young they said.

They are over 30 of them exposed to hair-making, bead-making, catering service, photography, make-over and turning Gele to nice scarfs.

children learning bead making

The organisers highlighted that it was the best thing that could happen to a child at this moment that the world has shifted focus from certifications to people with basic skills that machines cannot perform.

Chidiebere Obi is a graduate of Mass Communication and she and some other trainers, have chosen to empower the children and make their holiday fun at the same time.

They are empowered and are ready to take their world by surprise, as they already have strategies and long-term plans.

Michael Nwaokocha is 12 and he is already seeing an opportunity in photography.

He wants to cover social events. He know Nigerians likes parties and hopes this undying love for parties will remain so he can tap into it and earn a legitimate fortune.

child learning bead making

Egwuewike Benedita is 17 and she is waiting to further her studies at any higher institution.

She believes making beads will be a good source of income for her while she is in school.

Buy Made in Nigeria is one thing the government is promoting and Benedita is not willing to let the opportunity pass her by.

Another participant, Chiamaka Ibanu, 12, is acquiring hair braiding skills and she wants to make legitimate wealth and also render her service to people in grand style.

It is time for parents to change their perception about holidays.

Think about it, the idea of leaving children to continue studying at a period like this may have just become old school.

children learning how to make tie gele

Nigeria plunged into recession and cases of ritual killings, kidnapping and theft rose to an all time national high. Across the country, young people are desperate to Walk to Europe by road or die trying.

Change the child's mentality by giving them skills that can be transformed to wealthy.

Be wise, classroom learning and education are no longer enough to face our new world.

child learning how to make hair at vacation