World powers had fought a war in the Middle East searching for weapons of mass destruction, but those weapons seem to have been hidden away from human eyes.

The entire world are looking at nations that claim they have weapons of mass destruction, doing everything possible to stop them from conducting tests.

World leaders could give a lot to have those taken to safe places and destroyed, but a man knows where these weapons are.

Believe it or not, such weapons of mass destruction are hidden where you will never remember to look.

Professor Chris Imafidon has groomed geniuses in his house and he believes these weapons are around us.

We see them every day and he wants governments of the world to stop the endless search.

He is an Adviser to Governments, Presidents and Monarchs and Corporate Leaders, with an unusual passion in educating young children, transforming them to whiz kids.

He brought out the best in Miss Omotola Akerele, an inner city girl that was never given a chance. She got to study in Oxford University.

She is the first graduate in her family.  

Professor Imafidon says your school, especially if it is traditional in its outlook, is a weapon of mass destruction.


"I call the schools weapons of mass destruction because they destroys your mind. It destroys the curiosity that you had when you were going to school; you were going to learn.

chris imafidon on schools as weapon of mass destru
Professor Chris Imafidon is the head of the brainiest family in Britain

"Ask any teenager today about school, the word is bored, boring and boredom," he said, insisting that the educational system should be stopped from killing young people's dreams.

Years before now, going to the UK will take at least 6 weeks of sailing, but flying to the United Kingdom now takes 6 hours and that should reflect in learning, Professor Imafidon emphasised.

"In learning, we should learn to fly. If we start flying with learning, the length of time we spend doing this will collapse and we will then have more time to do other things that we now call extra-curricular, like music and sports," Professor Imafidon said.

He does not believe that there should be a time set for a child to attain any level in learning.

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"We cannot use traditional methods and just say, de fecto process says that you must be in primary school for this number of years, secondary school for these number years.

"Who said that you need 5 years to learn those things in secondary school?" he questioned.

Professor Imafidon stressed that technology had reduced the amount of time that it takes man to achieve things and that this same change should come into public education. 

Countries that believe in his educational principles that had helped in making geniuses have taken them, implemented and it's working wonders. 

Some of his ideas have worked for China, Russia, India and some other countries.