Forty-Eight hours after a street sweeper’s alarm blew the lid on a ritualists’ den at Obadeyi bus-stop in Ijaiye, along the Lagos-Abeokuta expressway; another suspected ritualists’ den was discovered at the Ile Zik community.

The den was discovered after a female hawker, who was returning home, was attacked on Wednesday night around 8.30pm.

The hawker, who lost her wares and money, managed to escape.

People around the area were said to have invaded the place on Thursday morning.

While searching the area, shoes belonging to males and females were found.

Like the Ijaiye discovery, the Ikeja den was said to be located in a manhole. Many tunnels were discovered in the area adjacent to a perimeter fence of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Ikeja.

Two mad people at the scene were promptly apprehended and beaten to pulp. The prompt response by the police saved the suspects from being burnt alive. They were taken to Isokoko Police Station in the Agege.

As the news spread, more people gathered at the scene leading to further search.

After the search that lasted hours, a suspected self-acclaimed madman was found around the manhole.

He was apprehended and beaten. The man was said to confessed that there were other four members of the gang still trapped inside the place.

Men of the Rapid Response Squad (RSS) rescued him from being burnt alive.

While the police were trying to calm the crowd, another popular mad man around the area mistakenly walked into the scene.

The angry crowd descended on him and almost set him ablaze. He was, however, rescued by the police and other security agencies.

Three other persons were also apprehended by the mob, who threatened to lynch them on the suspicion that they were ritualists.

One of the suspects was a vulgarizer, who works in the area. During the search on his workshop, cutlasses were found, raising the suspicion that he was a member of the gang.

kidnappers den at Ile Zik, Lagos.

Another mad man who was coming from Agege was also beaten. He was forced to empty all his belongings and was only released after he was beaten black and blue.

The wall of a warehouse close to Ile-Zik Bus Stop was brought down by the mob that alleged that ritualists used the place to perpetrate their atrocities.

To ascertain whether there are still suspected ritualists in the manhole, policemen went into the tunnel but found nothing.

The suspects were whisked away from the scene in police vans.

Reacting to the incident Police Commissioner Fatai Owoseni said there were no shrine and no human parts in the den.

He said it was a case of a destitute person living inside the tunnel, as against the case of ritualist as was being touted.

He said: “We have to stop this culture of jungle justice and allow the law take its course. This matter is a pure case of destitute persons and not ritualists.”

“People living under bridges, tunnels, uncompleted building and trenches should be careful because you stand a chance of being tagged as ritualist and being mobbed.”