Fatomilola Michael is a unisex fashion designer with admirable passion.

He has made graduation gowns for schools, and designs fashionable dresses for individuals.

The 19-year-old makes both English and traditional outfits.

“I started from my secondary school, after my secondary school, I went for a training at Fabolous Fashion Academy where I spent one year. After my graduation, I also attended Vlisco Fashion school where I was taught how to make suit.”

On why he did not proceed to get a university degree, he said his parents’ lack of knowledge and poor financial status cut short that aspiration.

“After my secondary, I did not have enough knowledge to write and pass JAMB, people around me were writing JAMB but I did not think to that aspect because my family did not give me educational support, they only encouraged me to have a hand work.

“After some time, I put in for admission at Ekiti State University while I was still doing fashion training. I was lucky to get the admission, but there was no money to go to school."

Michael actually knows the importance of having a tertiary education, and he is not taking it for granted, he has gained admission to Yaba College of Technology.

“Now, I’m planning to move forward with my education when I make little money.

“I’m making little money right now by sewing for people around me, I do graduation suits, but the lack of commercial equipment has affected my productivity, but am glad I just got a sewing machine, and I am very happy."

As young a budding entrepreneur, Michael has faced his fair share of challenges - poor electricity and lack of access to certain amenities has hindered his growth.

“One of the major challenges is having money for materials, but I know God will see me through.”

But in the middle of immense darkness Mike can be rays of hope. The young man has a dream.

He wants to transform his life, his family, his country and the world.

“My plan is that I want to become the greatest designer in the world. Now, am proceeding my education in Yaba College of Technology to study industrial fashion designing. I have a great passion for fashion designing and I wish to be a big designer in the future."

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