Prevention they say is better than cure, and a stitch in time they say saves nine.

The flood disaster that affected major parts of the coastal region of Lagos state on Saturday is still very fresh in most people’s memories.

Property worth millions of Naira were destroyed while houses, cars and other items were submerged by the flood.

To the over two million people spread across seven communities in Shasha, under the Alimosho Local government area of the state, the state of the major road linking them to the rest of the world is a major concern.

The residents are begging the state government not to abandon them by including the neglected road project in the area among those to be upgraded.

When Bounce News visited the area, a major part of the road was completely eroded by flood, leaving only a fraction accessible to motorists.

Two drivers were seen exchanging words on the road after one of them prevented the other from accessing the good part first.

The heated argument caused a mild traffic on the road as they both refused to move their cars.

It took the intervention of other motorists before ‘common sense’ prevailed.

                                Motorists on the eroded Shasha road having a heated argument. (Credit: Bounce)

Save Our Souls (SOS)

A resident, Kunle Adeleke, who spoke to Bounce News, said the incident has been a norm in the area.

He said motorists are always having a go at one another on the road due to impatience. 

“As you can see, the road is very bad and it gets flooded when it rains. Only one part of road is passable as the other has been washed away by flood. 

"So motorists using the road must be patient with one another, otherwise there will be serious traffic jam here.

He pleaded with Governor Akinwunmi Ambode to show them mercy by urgently coming to their aid to prevent an avoidable calamity associated with rains.

Chairman of Kajola, one of the Community Development Associations (CDA) affected by the poor road network in the area also appealed for an urgent response from the Lagos State government.

According to him, if the road is upgraded in time, it will save the residents from the impending flood disasters.

He described the abandoned Shasha/Ajako/Bammeke road as a link road to Egbeda, Shasha, Bameke, Oguntade, Orisumbare, Ikotun, Idimu, Ejigbo, Oshodi among others.

He said the link road has suffered neglect in the hands of past governments, who despite all appeals merely glossed over it until they left office.

“I love Governor Ambode because he is a man of his words. That’s why I call him the Peoples’ Governor because he listens. 

“The abandoned Bameke road needs a quick solution because of the rains. We beg him to help us urgently or else the whole area will be a no go area soon.

The award for the construction of the road was said to have been done during the time of former Governor Ahmed Bola Tinubu, but the contractor abandoned the project.

The immediate past government of Babatunde Fashola was said to have promised to fix the road but nothing concrete was done until he left office.

Now that the rainy season is here, the entire community is living in fear of an imminent flood disaster that may ravage the area if the road is not rehabilitated.