Monday, June 12 2017 would not be quickly forgotten by residents of Shasha community in Lagos state.

While civil servants stayed home to observe the partial public holiday, private business owners and their employees hit the street. Among those out on duty was a truck driver, his conductor and a handyman.

The peace in the area was disrupted when the truck driver reportedly lost control and rammed the tipper into a boutique on the side of the road.

Fortunately, the boutique was closed and no one was around its premises.

The gods are to blame

While the injured have been taken to hospital to receive treatment and police officials invited to ascertain the cause of the incident; residents strongly believe there is more to it than what appears apparent.

Some of the residents claim the recent spate of accidents along that area has become a cause for concern and they blame the forces which run a shrine not far away from the site of the incident.

The shrine is located beside VSC Oil (filling station).

Bounce News gathered that Monday’s accident is the third at that same spot in the space of 60 days.

A resident, Tayo who has been living in the area for 10 years said the shrine was erected 3 years ago.

He said some residents kicked against it but the worshipers still went ahead to build it as they had the backing of the Oba of Shasha, Babatunde Akanbi Ogunronbi.

"There was a time a commercial bus rammed into a shop at that spot early in the morning. The driver was badly injured while the passengers too sustained various degrees of injuries.

"Another one that happened was when a Toyota saloon car knocked down a bread seller last month right at the same spot.

"We didn't use to witness such accidents before but since that shrine was erected, it has been one disaster or the other", he said.

Although, the shrine is located close to a sharp bend, several shops owners along this road do not respect the specified 10 meters distance stipulated by law.