A journey through Federal Roads in Nigeria will always leave one wondering why a nation so blessed still has several roads with potholes.

In some cases, there are death traps right in the middle of a road.

Millions of dollars have been invested in federal roads in attempts to maintain public facilities but it always seems the sums are going down the drain.

Apart from the funds being misappropriated, some of us have horrible maintenance culture and no respect for rule of law.

trailer without tyre

So many accidents have been recorded with many lives lost along these killer roads.

One of such troubled roads is the Lagos - Abeokuta highway.

Bounce News took road trip and found a heavy-duty vehicle without tyres moving at about 60km/h.

Road Safety officials are always on the road but the vehicle was not intercepted all through our journey which last about 30 minutes.

Watch the video of the recklessness demonstrated by the driver of this articulated vehicle.