Despite the warning that smokers of cigarette are liable to die young, the second most sold commodity in Gombe happens to be this ‘slow killer’ according to Bounce News findings.

Several efforts have been made to stop or minimize tobacco consumption so as to save Nigerians from the 5 million lives that die from tobacco related diseases each year around the world.

In Gombe, smoking in public places is prohibited as it is said to be punishable with a minimum fine of N200 or jail term of not less than one month. 

However, demand by growing number of consumers is said to be as a result of the continued sale of cigarettes.

Alaramma, a trader at Mile 3 (Tsohuwar Miluku), Gombe, told Bounce News that he sells cigarettes more than any other thing in his provision store.

He said, "I make between N6,000 and N9,000 every day. The best-selling commodity used to be sachet water but now, out of every five requests, four are for cigarettes".


A smoker who doesn’t want his name published told Bounce News that he will fall sick if he goes one day without smoking.

He said, "I am aware of the danger attached to cigarettes consumption, but I’m finding it difficult to quit".

Most smokers seem to have their reasons for finding passion in tobacco products.

Abdul Mohammed said, "Yes I am a smoker and enjoy it because cigarettes is like a system stabilizer to me, I smoke cigarette mostly after taking weed to boost my mode, even though I don’t burn more than 7 sticks everyday".

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Sa'adu Wade, who has been smoking for fifty years, told Bounce News that cigarettes make huge sales because most people who smoke believe they can get themselves tranquil with a stick or more.

The planned decision to ban tobacco use in Nigeria as revealed by Minister of State for Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire, at the 8th Session of the Conference of the Parties (COP8), to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) in Geneva, Switzerland, is of great concern to Sarki Luka (Rozyblock) who said the ban on cigarette will not go down well with him because he smokes to wallow away his pains.


"I know of the health hazard attached to cigarettes, but you see, people who smoke too much and those who don't stick to a single brand are those at risk of being affected,” he said

Yusuf Abdullahi Gombe, an addicted smoker said, "Cigarettes cannot be banned in Nigeria because the awareness creation on effects of cigarettes is not enough, people don't believe what is being said about cigarettes because nobody has ever come to them with the true picture of what cigarettes can cause.

“Before the ban on the sale of cigarettes, there is need to do more on sensitizing smokers".

He said even though his economic condition has forced him to crash from 2 packs of cigarettes to not more than ten sticks a day, “it will be very good if the government bans cigarettes most especially for sake of the recent increase in teenage smokers".

The federal government of Nigeria is still working towards the implementation of the Tobacco Control Act of 2015 which is the national law domesticating the World Health Organization Framework on Tobacco Control (FCTC).

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