Lagosians need to be more conscious of their environment and this time, when they see a tunnel that can take a human being.

Kidnapping is increasing and the tunnel seem to be a good 'decoy den' for the criminals.

Another kidnappers' den has been discovered at Ile-Zik area of Lagos State.

The location is few minutes away from Ikeja Along Bus Stop, along Lagos-Abeokuta Express Way.

It is a tunnel and the discovery was made on Thursday, after a hawker managed to escape from some suspected kidnappers on Wednesday.

She was returning home after sales at about 9:00 p.m. when she was accosted by the kidnappers.  

After she escaped, she raised an alarm and residents of the area came to her rescue.

She narrated her experience to them and the next morning the residents stormed the location.

Two mad-looking men, which the residents believe were the kidnappers, were found in the area.

They were almost carrying out jungle justice - burning them alive - when the police arrived the scene.

After the security officials calmed the residents, they took the mad-looking men to custody. 

They will be interrogated, the police said, assuring the crowd that they would continue investigation on the matter.

It is not clear, however, if the men were the same persons that tried to kidnap the girl the previous night.

'Operation search everything' was declared at the location, as the crowd that had gathered began to turn the place apart looking for proofs.

Structures around the scene were also brought down in few minutes.

A mad man who was passing-by at the time almost became a victim of anger, as he was almost lynched.

He was made to empty his bag to convince the crowd that he was truly mad.

No one knows who is who, but one thing that we all need to do now is to always watch our back.

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kidnappers den in Ile Zik Area of Lagos State.
kidnappers den in Ile Zik Area of Lagos State.
kidnappers den in Ile Zik Area of Lagos State

kidnappers den discovered in Ile Zik.
kidnappers den in Ile Zik.
One mad man being searched for fears he could be a kidnapper

See video below.