Having a dumpsite in a neighborhood is enough headache on its own.

A sprawling one that has spilled off its boundary even breeds more havoc.

This is the situation in Igando New Town, a suburb in Lagos, Nigeria's commercial capital where residents say they are literally dying slowly from the mounting environmental hazards oozing out from a dumpsite (Solous1 MRF).

“Our tenants are parking out, our water has been contaminated, our roads are bad, people fall sick here and there, we are really suffering and dying slowly here”; one of the house owners in the affected neighborhood who identified himself as Mr Owolabi complained during a visit by Bounce News.

Igando New Town was in the news recently when a Local Government aspirant from the area, Shakiru Alabi Balogun was involved in an auto crash that ended up claiming his life.

The accident was blamed on indiscriminate parking by refuse trucks along Lanre Bus stop where the contentious dump site is located.

Though residents embarked on a peaceful protest; seeking an end to activities at the dumpsite, a visit to the area shows that it is still business as usual.

“We are yet to achieve our aims, and our reasons for protest is in two-three ways.” A leading member of the residents’ association who craved for anonymity told Bounce News.

Igando New Town

It is being alleged that the Lagos State government in admittance to the fact that the dumpsite (Solos2) is already filled up agreed to vacate the area from March but months after, more refuse came calling.

“If you go there now, you will see that what they are dropping there is closer to the road which is uncalled for.

“About three days ago, there was rain, if you go through the entrance of Lanre street there, you would see that the water is still coming out from the dumpsite, most of the residents here cannot drink the water from their boreholes and we don’t have any other alternative", he lamented.

While admitting that the Lagos State government have made efforts at connecting the area to pipe-borne water through the States’ Water Corporation, it appears to be an abandoned project.

While Bounce News sought for official response from the managers of the Solous1 MRF dumpsite, none was willing to speak on record even as they claim there has been no official correspondence with the supposedly aggrieved residents.

“Yes, we saw them camera the dumpsite and all that but nobody has officially spoken to us” an official simply offered.

Igando New Town

Another concern for the Igando New Town residents as stated by Mr. Kazeem Kolawale is their bad road.

The community claim they have sent series of letters to local and state authorities. Though, surveys have been made in times past, they appear to be at the bottom of the priority list.

He said “We are not enjoying any dividends of democracy here and when you talk of voting and paying taxes; we comply 100%.

“When the governor listed 181 in roads to be done, we were not included. I hear another list has been drawn without our area, please help us appeal to them to remember us” he concluded.