The Peace in Opolo, an Epie community in Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa state, was threatened as two young armed bandits surrendered and robbed a resident of that area with a locally made gun on Sunday. 

That robbery did not go well at all for the criminal suspects, as it was countered with rage. 

After they dispossessed the victim of his money and other personal belongings, he alerted his neighbours and passers-by and everything changed for them.

A chase of the robbers began and they were eventually caught.

The angry mob meted out jungle justice on the robbers.

One of the robbers, a young unidentified man of about 22 years, was flogged to death with metal and planks.

Robbers killed in Bayelsa State
He was beaten with different objects

There were also signs of machete cut on his head, jaw and back while the second suspect was brutally killed.

An eyewitness told Bounce New that robbery cases were increasing in the area. 

"This is the third time that small boys will terrorise us this few months. 

"They will join cult, womanise, smoke, drink and come to rob Opolo resident.  

"We no go gree, it's catch and kill from now henceforth," he said.  

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Now that they have killed the suspects in jungle justice, there may be danger ahead and they know it. 

recharge card gift

The eyewitness, who is also anticipating a reprisal, said they would be vigilante as members of their group might come back to wreck havoc in the community.  

A recharge card seller around the location, Mama Akpoloma, claimed that she had been robbed of her money and recharge card inside her shop twice this year.  

"If they kill them, their number will reduce and others will be afraid to die like chicken. 

Angry mob brutally murdered the suspect in jungle
Eyewitnesses said he head was hit against a stone

"But, if you invite police and arrest them, an influential Bayelsan will pay for their bail," she alleged.

A police officer who would not want his name mentioned because he was not authorised to speak said: "Security situation in Bayelsa state is terrible. 

"We, as security agents, are doing our best to control the situation.  

"The main problem is cultism, as it leads them into both armed robbery and political thuggery".

He advised parents to always watch their children.

As at the time of filing this report, residents of the area, we seen going about their duties.

Robbers killed in Bayelsa State were deposited in

The corpses of the suspected robbers was deposited in a mortuary in the Federal Medical Centre Yenagoa. 

Substance abuse has been identified as one of the factors that trigger criminal tendencies and here is a video of how deep the use of hard drugs is getting in some part of Nigeria. 

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