What do women even talk about in hair salons? Do they gossip or just gist?

Sitting for so long to weave one's hair could be so boring that different kinds of discussions will begin to fly in to keep the mouth busy and then excite them while they bear the burden that the quest to look attractive brings.

'God Have Mercy Hair Salon' near Kpansia Market Road in Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa State, is no different from that kind of salon where ladies gist a lot. 

They share even personal information when the normal gists get exhausted and on this very Saturday, September 1, 2018, Mrs Miebi Seimokumo became the agenda. 

She was believed to be over 7 months pregnant, but little did she know that the true father of the child in her womb would became known to everyone on this fateful day. 

She had told a friend and that friend told the owner of the salon and then the salon owner told the wife of the man that impregnated her.  Amebo!!! that is what they are called in the south-western part of Nigeria. 

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But the deed was done and now, everyone knows, that Pere Angalabiri, a tall, fair and handsome plumber, is the father of the child in Mrs Seimokumo's womb. 

His charming look, when he came out of his flat, could make a fresh lady fall for him amidst the issue on ground. 

You should see him! 

After the whole thing got leaked, the Salon owner, Suoyo, was not aware that her own sexual escapades with the same plumber would be revealed by the same woman she gossiped about. 

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He had had his way with her and she accepted to have had sex twice with him, but she was not the focus of the crowd that had gathered at Mrs Seimokumo's residence along Kpansia Market Road Yenagoa, to hear the full story.

Mrs Seimokumo's husband, who works with a construction company stood there listening to all the revelations, lost in thoughts, yet without much expression.

His disposition had triggered further questions about some rumours that had came with the present situation.

People claimed he was sterile and his wife corroborated these claims, expressing how much she needed a child.

But there was another side to the story that also became open to everyone. 

pregnancy opens woman's sex adventure

Pere had met Miebi years ago and they dated for a few months before she left to study in the northern part of Nigeria. 

When she returned after her studies, she got married to Mr Seimokumo.

Somehow, she met Pere again who was also living with a woman he told everyone was not his legal wife. Their relationship had produced two girls but Mrs Seimokumo had no child. 

At some point, Mrs Seimokumo told Pere that they needed an apartment and that was how the sexual relationship was rekindled.

He got a two bedroom apartment for her and her husband in the same compound just opposite his flat, and the entire sex adventure began.

Mr Seimokumo was not always at home and that created an avenue for them to keep each other company whenever Mrs Seimokumo was not at her supermarket and boutique.

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The plumber accepted responsibility for the pregnancy and his supposed wife, who was so shocked, called him a gigolo.

While people were still probing further, Mr Seimokumo took his wife by the hand and went into their apartment. 

People waited to see if he would throw her and her things out,  but nothing of such happened. 

His action triggered further questions. 

Was he aware? 

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