The early hours of August 26, 2018 would not be forgotten by the owner and staff of Kelly Ann Hotel located in the Egbeda area of Lagos.

They had opened to welcome the usual nightlife and according to the manager of the hotel, named Jimmy, they were preparing to host a birthday party.

Their plans were disrupted by an unscheduled visit from the police.  Some guests were whisked away following allegations of being gay.

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, CP Edgal Imohimi, said that the suspects were picked at 2 a.m. while they were performing gay initiation rites for newly recruited members.

“Intelligence gathered revealed that some youths will be initiated into a Gay/Homosexual Club between 1 a.m and 2 a.m. at Kelly Ann Hotel/Events Centre, located at No. 3-7, Adenrele St., Egbeda, an action contrary to Section 1 (1) of Same Sex Marriage, Act 2014.

“Consequent upon this, some operatives from the Shasha and Idimu Police stations stormed the venue and met no less than 80 young men.

“They were taking different types of drinks, including banned substances such as Tramadol, and Shisha laced with substances suspected to be marijuana. As soon as they sighted the Police, they ran into different directions, but the team arrested 57 of them,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bounce News spoke to the manager of the hotel named Jimmy.

The lanky hotelier, who half of the time looks like he is lost in thought, insists that the police has no case against the 57 persons who were mostly in their 20s.

“Basically, what they did for us is that they put us on the news and we are now global. They ended up doing press conference for us because it does not make any sense what they are saying. You did not meet people having sex with people there. They were having a party and you came there and then arrested everybody, you let girls go, and concluded that the guys were gay, it does not make sense”

For Jimmy, Nigerians know that gays and lesbians exists in the country, but Nigerians do not really care.

“Nigerians act like they care, but they don’t care even though it is right in front of them. Forget that thing,half of the time everybody knows what is going on.

"You cannot say that because they (gays and lesbians) exist in Nigeria, you will now say you would come and be arresting every human being it does not make sense.

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"It’s the same thing with Yahoo boys, SARS just started packing boys on the road. Whether you are Yahoo or not they would pack you” he explained.

Even though according to Jimmy, the hotel is not being investigated, the hotel’s lawyers were on the case to help the young men regain their freedom.

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