Pastor Williams Ejimozor says he used to live well. He had cars, a booming business and a loving wife to compliment the good life.

All this faded to darkness with one blow to the head.

Williams is now blind and he has a mountain of bills to pay. He is also battling with diabetes and high blood pressure, but he has faith that there is a silver lining in his dark clouds.

The Pastor allegedly lost his sight due to a torture he suffered in the hands of the officials of the Department of State Services, DSS, in Lagos.

He says 9 security agents raided his house in Ayobo. They jumped over the fence and broke the door to announce their arrival.

This happened after his houseboy, named Chukwujekwu  reportedly defrauded some residents using fake dollars.

He told Bounce News that the  officials  ransacked his  house and found $4,500  in fake currency.

They arrested him instead but failed to locate the primary suspect, who had fled.

The 47 year old was reportedly carried away in the DSS operational van, and subjected to different forms of torture for about 2 weeks before he  became blind after being repeatedly hit on the head with the butt of a gun.

"Doctors in Lagos University Teaching Hospital(LUTH) said that if I had come when it happened they could have done surgery to remove the blood cloth that was forming in that part of my brain before it dried up and blocked my vision." he said.

Since vthe incident Williams has visited about 8 hospitals undergoing series of tests and taking various medications before deciding to go to LUTH where received the bad news.


"We are sorry. It is improbable that you would see again".

Willams Ejimozor use to be the Chief Executive Officer of a clearing company and an estate management firm, called Wetraco Nigeria, but after he lost his sight, his business closed up and he had to sell most of his tools to take care of his family.

It has been 3 years since he lost his sight, but the problems are not going anywhere.

Williams landlord wants outstanding rent paid in full, his undergraduate daughter needs school fees, and  his 15 yer-old- son will soon enter the university.

" I pray to God everyday to help me. I have been left to fight on my own, I get help from the General Overseer of the church where I am an assistant pastor. I have a lot of challenges, no money to pay school fees, I can not go anywhere without the aid of my wife, I am owing house rent.  I make money from selling my music CD's at church venues. I am a gospel musician too" he said.

He still feels pain from the beatings, and he has to regularly take medication to suppress the pain he feels.

“If not that I believe in God and I am a man of God, I could have hung myself. Nobody is asking me about how I am doing. They have abandoned me. I have been taking  a lot of drugs. There was a time I was taking a drug for the brain worth N15,000 I had to take like almost twenty something bottles" he said.

Williams might be blind but he sees the future clearly.

"The enemy cannot send me to the village, I am 47 years old I cannot go to the village, I still have a lot to offer" he said.

He is seeking justice through the courts. His case is being handled by a popular Lagos based lawyer who is rendering his services free of charge.

Williams is ready for the long drawn battle with the security outfit and insists that God is on his side.