"1+1 equals 2. But when these IKEDC people are calculating our bill here, 1+1 can equal 22 or 222".

I could sense his pain and disappointment written all over his face. His cracked voice showed that he has had to make this explanation to almost every officials of the PHCN in his community.

Seun Ademola told Bounce News that he has had enough of the irrational bills.

When the current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari was being sworn into power in 2015, residents of Bako estate, Irawo, Ajegunle and environs thought their lives would be better.

Many of them voted to oust PDP because they were not satisfied with the inability of the government to provide basic social amenities after 16 years.

Buhari came in, assembled his team and handed immediate past Lagos State governor Babatunde Fashola the portfolio to head Power, Works and Housing ministries.

It was really a good news for the people, because they believe Fashola is more of a doer than a talker.

But life has increasingly become worse for these residents of Ikosi-Ketu Local Council Development Area (LCDA) as their trusted former governor seems to be a shadow of his old self.

Why Are They Angry?

Their electricity bills continue to rise even without power supply.

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Seun Ademola who has been living in Irawo since 2010, laments what he called ‘crazy’ electricity bills from the Ikeja Electric Distribution Company (IKEDC).

“Things are just getting worse every month. I have lived in two different streets in this Irawo, I am presently staying in a 2-bedroom apartment, but how can I be paying N10,000 as electricity bill every month, for what?

“I have a refrigerator, one TV, two ceiling fans and bulbs, and I am being charged N10,000 every month for light, this is so unfortunate.”

"The funny thing is that other apartments in this compound that has 3-bedroom, and even the one of 1-bedroom, we are all billed the same N10,000.

"Honestly, these people (IKEDC) don’t know what they’re doing. They just decide on what to type (on the bill) at will.

Ghost Calculation 

For a 62-year-old woman, simply called Mrs Adigun, the matter seems worse.

The transformer that supplies power to her street of residence got damaged and she was without light for over nine months, yet she keeps getting billed every month.

She says they have sent her an accumulated bill of N70,000. She is still in shock. She confronted the IKEDC branch in Irawo.

“I asked their oga there to explain to me how come about N70,000 bill without light, without transformer, but he could not give an explanation, he told me that he was not the one doing the billing.

“The corruption in this country is very bad, nobody is being held responsible. They just behave and issue bills the way they like. We have been clamouring for prepaid meter for many years, they have refused to give us, because they want to continue exploiting innocent people.

“But this must stop, I did not use light, and I will not pay for what I did not use, what nonsense.”

Bounce News put a call through to the PRO of IKEDC, but the number was not reachable.

Meanwhile, the people have warned the IKEDC to stop bringing ridiculous bills until transformers and prepaid meters are installed.

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