Whatever you have chosen to do in sports, irrespective of the sport you choose, put in your best, be determined and focused.

Seems like the cliché, doesn’t it? Yes, it is what successful people tell hustlers and young people; but you have to take it seriously when it comes from certain persons.

Chioma Ajunwa is Nigeria’s first-ever Olympic gold medalist and Africa’s first ever gold medalist in track and field with her Atlanta 1996 record-breaking feat. She didn’t achieve it easily.

Smartly dressed in her uniform as a top Police officer, her mission was to be an inspiration to secondary school children at the grand Finale of the 2017 Radio One Children Sports Fiesta.

The event, which held on Wednesday, May 24, 2017 at the Campos Mini Stadium, on Lagos Island saw teenage boys and girls competing for honours in athletics and football.

She noted that sport is the only language everyone understands globally and by this, it has the power to make people who ordinarily would be called “nobody” to become somebody.

Therefore, it has to be taken seriously if it would be made a career.

“Our children have a future,” she declared while commending the initiative, which has rekindled her hope that Nigeria can raise future stars like her.

“Sports in Nigeria has got to be everybody’s business for us to get as many champions as we want and that is exactly what we are doing here today.

“Radio One is championing this event, trying to get them young and that is the only way we can get them because right from the junior level, whatever you impact in them is what they grow with.

“With what I have seen here today, we have a lot of them. In football, you will agree with me that we have future Dodo Mayana, JJ Okocha and Kanu Nwankwos that we can get from here,” she said.