Jumping on the back of the #nottooyoungtorun bill being passed by the Senate , more entertainers and other people in the creative industry suddenly heard a voice saying "come and serve".

It might be a joke, it might be serious business or just a publicity stunt to get notice and remain relevant in the fast paced industry of showbiz.

The governorship election in Anambra state will take place on November 18, with actor Yul Edochie and musician Kcee indicating interest to run for office.

Yul Edochie has picked his nomination form of the Democratic Peoples congress(DPC)  and has started campaigning in earnest, while Kcee says he needs to make money from his recently released album to bankroll his campaign.

yul edochie

Other’s lined up on the campaign race track include: Comedian,  Basketmouth, who wants to run for governor in 6 different states and singer Terry G  who wants to run for both Governor and Deputy-Governor in flood stricken Benue state.

When some entertainers make light of a serious matter that can help shape society, one begins to wonder- how it will affect other people in the creative industry whose interests in government are genuine.

How do the people perceive a quick transition from the imaginative ingenuity to partisan politics?

Abolore Sobayo  is a fashion designer, visual artist and former councilor in Oshodi area of Lagos state.

He spoke to Bounce News and shared his own views on how entertainers can be taken seriously when they get involved in politics.

"Things in the creative industry in general are completely different from politics. You could ride on the platform you have built your name on, you could also take advantage of the love people have for you based on your popularity, but at the end of the day, the question should be 'Are You informed about politics?'

"Being informed in politics has nothing to do with how long you have been in politics, but how well you have studied the situation and politics in the area  where you want to contest and how much relationship you have with  the people because for me, I feel politics is more about human relationships", he said.

He also suggested that if entertainers could creatively tackle problems and be involved in community service long before they decide to contest for office, it will make them standout from regular politicians.

In the 2015 elections, apart from Desmond Elliot who won a seat in the Lagos State House Of Assembly to represent Surulere Constituency 1,  no other  popular person from the creative industry won the positions they aspired to occupy.

"Have a clear motive to create a better change. People in the creative industry should take politics seriously, they should break the link between their being an entertainer and a politician. Let people see you as somebody who is serious, because the truth is no one in politics presently takes most  entertainers seriously" Sobayo also said.

desmond elliot

Bounce News visited Surulere Constituency 1, and got mixed reactions from people, about entertainers in politics and Desmond Elliot's performance as a Man of The People representing them at the Lagos State House Of Assembly.

Tunde, a properties agent in Ojuelegba, said “Most of the entertainers going into politics, they are no different from the politicians. They are just going there to make money and amass wealth. They just use their names to enter politics because they are popular.

"Somebody like Desmond Elliot, the only thing he has done is to build a public toilet. I don’t see how that would impact our lives. No matter how clean you are, how holy you are, if you join politics you will become something else, because politics is not a gentleman's game."

Oredun Ayodele, a newspaper vendor whose stand is located at Adeniran Ogunsanya, believes that some entertainers enter into politics because they can no longer make any money in the creative industry.


While some believe entertainers are no different from other politicians who are more interested in lining their pockets when they get into the corridors of power.

Ismaila Abayomi who prides himself as being a grass-root politician, praises Desmond Elliot for being a shinning example of how lawmakers should get involved in their constituency.

"There was a time people’s houses got burnt in Alaka, honourable Olushola went there and provided clothes and food items for the victims.

"People appreciate him. There was a time in Ojuelegba that a tanker fell off the bridge and destroyed houses, shops and cars, Honourable Olushola came out, he addressed those affected and assisted in the way he could, some other politicians are envying him. I find that man amazing he has been so good." he said.

Tunde Oyedeji, a Surulere based businessman says Desmond Elliot is a new comer to politics and should be given time to learn and grow in his new role.

"I would not say he has no impact in this constituency, since he is a new comer in this whole business, and besides the main duty of the house of assembly where he is, is to make laws. It is councilors and governors that would have the responsibility of providing roads, putting schools or doing other things", he said.

2019 is now barely 2 years away,  and there is still time for entertainers who want to try their hands in politics to learn the ropes before the campaigning intensifies.

Fear God, serve the people!