The phrase ''it’s a man’s world'' has become a fable in Nollywood.

Though no one is talking about it, the Nigerian movie industry is finally beginning to embrace its feminine side.

It became clearer at the last African Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA), when out of the 28 categories up for grabs, women won 14 - half of the awards.

Film maker, Daniel Oriahi says it is not shocking, as women cleaning out awards for films will soon become common place, because Nollywood is run by the women folk.

“The industry is run by women. African Magic, Ebonylife, NdaniTv, ROK Studios all play a major role in Nollywood and are all run by women. The biggest film distribution company in Nigeria, that has brought films like 'Avengers' and 'Black Panther' into Nigeria is also run by a woman, even the biggest film academy in the country is owned by Emem Isong, and the popular AMAA Awards is organized by Peace Anyam-Osigwe” he said.

He went on to explain that the biggest producers and directors presently are all women; from Kemi Adetiba, Jade Osiberu who won Best Director at the 2018 AMVCA, to Mo Abudu and Toyin Abraham; who has the highest grossing film of 2018 so far with ''The Ghost and The Tout''.

Daniel says women run Nollywood even if their male counterparts might not agree.

“They have always been running Nollywood from the days of Amaka Igwe. All the influential people in Nollywood are women. The only thing men can boast of controlling outside production, distribution and broadcast is exhibition. Men have some control over cinemas, but what would the cinemas show without the influence of these ones?” Daniel asked.

Jade Osiberu, whose movie ‘Isoken’ won her the Best Director trophy, the Best Film in West Africa, and won Best Supporting Actress for Lydia Forson, at the AMVCA, also spoke to Bounce News about the influence of women in Nollywood.

“My experience with Nollywood shows that it is not a male dominated industry. In my experience there are a lot of women dominating the industry, even the actors. If you name the top 10 actors presently, 7 out of the 10 will be women. Also, the decision makers in Nollywood are women,” she emphasized.

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The AMVCA double winner, says women are now catching up in the more technical part of film making, like cinematography and sound editing.

“The influence of women in the technical part of film making is beginning to change with the likes of Emma Edioso who is a cinematographer, there are women directing, like Kemi Adetiba and Mo Abudu, a woman even won Best Editing for a film at the AMVCAs a year or two ago. I am not sure when.

''Women are trooping in and taking over the industry, and soon you would start to see more women in non-typical roles” she told Bounce News.

Nollywood seems to have officially become female. Just ask around.