The Chairman of the Referees’ Council in Kano, Nasiru Ibrahim has declared that Nigeria is not ready to hug the new video assistant referees (VARs) technology presently being deplored at the ongoing FIFA Confederation Cup in Russia.

In an exclusive chat with Bounce Sports on Monday, the well-respected FIFA badged referee suggested that the round leather game will be better off without the newly introduced VARs.

“Nigeria is not ready at all, even the hearing aid already in use for long, how many referees have them in Nigeria, it is the referees that handles the live league matches that are usually given, there is nothing in the other nine centers’” he revealed.

The referee said he cannot imagine how Nigerian fans who are largely seen as impatient will react to a decision previously in their favour to be upturned because of VARs.

Aside that, referee Ibrahim believes VARs will only belabor the referees and also take the shine off football games.

“For me, there is nothing without human error, even with the video there is still a margin no matter how little,” the Kano state based referee posited.

“The little errors here and there is part of the game and that is what has made football as interesting as it is, a situation that a referee will be running up and down to confirm on the video, the correctability or otherwise of decisions for me is unnecessary” he stated.

VARs have been on trial in recent international friendlies and are currently being used at the Confederations Cup in Russia.

Portugal had an early effort controversially disallowed by the video referees during their 2-2 draw with Mexico on Sunday afternoon.