Was this guy under a spell or just stupid?

Adesina Adeyemi is a 23-year-old self-acclaimed fashion designer who was arrested and paraded by the Police in Lagos for armed robbery.

But going by the foolishness that accompanied the circumstances of his arrest, one would doubt if he truly had the intelligence for fashion designing.

First, he said he went into armed robbery to help his friend, Chibuzor who constantly complained of being broke.

He committed a crime to help a broke friend who is not handicapped?

Then, he chose his neighbourhood in Adeniran Ajao Estate, Maryland Lagos where he is well known with his family as the best place to rob people and his way of hiding his identity was to wear a shagged mask.

“It was my friend Chibuzor that introduced me to this armed robber stuff. He normally came to my house to tell me that he needed money and said it was left for me to suggest where to get money.

“We have been to two places (to rob). The first place was back of my house; I didn’t make any money but we saw iPod inside the parlor and took it.

“We normally enter through the fence across our house. It is not too hard to enter to the other house.

“I don’t have any weapon, but I have a dagger that I use to cut stick and I just take it along to scare anybody” he said.


Apparently, he had been at this since 2016 before nemesis caught up with him in September 2017.

Really, he does not deserve mercy and he got none from the neighbours when he was arrested.

“When this thing (arrest) happened, it was 11:30 in the night. We saw the house girl (of the house they went to rob) and she shouted. So I ran into my own house.

“I jumped the fence back into my own house forgetting to remove my mask and a Hausa man that was about to pray saw me jumping in and he shouted ole! ole! (thief! thief!).

“I responded that I was the one but he held me, removed my mask, collected the axe I went with and maintained that he heard when the neighbour shouted for help and I must be the thief.

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“The plan was to tie occupants of the building down and collect all their cash, phones and other valuables. I was with an axe while Chibuzor was with a cutlass.

“We went with weapons to defend ourselves. But fear made us take to our heels when the alarm was raised because we are not professionals.

“The most painful aspect of this is that Chibuzo whom I followed out of pity, escaped while I am left to pay the price.”

Dear Adesina, that is the price you pay for being foolish.

The Lagos Commissioner of Police, Imohimi Edgal, had vowed before parading him at the Force Headquarters that all suspects would be charged to court after investigation.