State authorities in the emerging mega city are ready to prosecute culprits in line with the rule of law.

The new law enforcement agency are called the Lagos State Environmental Sanitation Corps.

Their mission is to enforce the new laws made to protect the environment.

You should know what their vehicles look like.

They will be looking out for persons with itchy fingers that indiscriminately dump waste regardless of warnings.

lagos environmental Sanitation corps.

You know what that means.

It is better to avoid them by being law abiding than to fall into their trap.

All you have to do is hold that waste until you get to where there is a waste bin and quietly dispose of it.

The Lagos State Government has said it plans to employ more of advocacy through the newly constituted LAGESC to ensure sanitation compliance.

The may be a little leniency in the way they operate, according to the Commissioner for the Environment, Babatunde Adejare.

waste in lagos state

He had said the LAGESC would employ the use of advocacy instead of force to ensure compliance of Lagosians to sanitation laws.

But uniform personnel in Lagos have their own way of enforcing the law and most Lagosians will understand this- LATSMA AND LAWMA.

The enactment of the new Lagos Environment Law and the establishment of the LAGESC are part of a comprehensive reform of the Solid Waste Management Sector in the State.

“The present administration would leave no stone unturned to achieve a clean, healthy and liveable state, predicated on the newly signed environmental laws to address existing gaps in the system,” Dr. Adejare said, attributing the need for the law to the growing population of the State and increase in waste generated.

lagos environment law for sale

Refuse generated in Lagos State is on the rise due to the influx of people and its aftermath is flooding that damages public and private property across the state.

But the government believes that its new law which is available online for a specific price, will give Lagosians a sustainable and functional environment which they will be proud.

The ecosystem remains the bedrock upon which development and prosperity are built.